MAPSS Year 2- 2016

Ending Our Summer Institutes

Thank You MAPSS Year 2 Teachers!

This summer we worked with teachers from 16 different school districts, needless to say, it was a BUSY summer for our team! Thank you for being such a fabulous group to work with this summer! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and your students this year. Our team appreciates the time and commitment you have placed on this learning experience.

Just a Few Important Points to Keep in Mind

As you reflect on the learning we engaged in during the Summer Institutes please remember the following points below:

  • The 5 Standards Are A Must! Find ways you can work on developing those standards in the teaching and learning that happens in your classsroom on a daily basis.
  • Formative assessment must be implemented throughout both problems and projects
  • What is your learning goal/instructional purpose?
  • What type of evidence is needed to clearly see students' progress?
  • How do we know our students have achieved mastery?
  • We must provide feedback to our students.
  • As the instructional leaders of our classroom it is our place to ensure the content/instructional purpose can be pulled from our problem scenario (problem-based) and entry document (project-based).
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MAPSS Fall Retreat- October 17-18, 2016 (2 full days)

Monday, Oct. 17th 2016 at 8:30am-4pm

475 Vine Street

Winston-Salem, NC

  • This will be our next formal event for professional development.
  • All participants will need to park in Lot P-8
  • Everyone will receive an email from Penny Willard with directions and parking details since this is a new location.

Preparing for MAPSS Fall Retreat

Please remember to prepare in advance for your attendance. The grant will cover your substitute pay while you attend this professional development. You will need to work with your school-based administration to line up your coverage. I will then work with district representatives to reimburse the district for the substitute pay. Mileage will continue to be covered using the same formula- 4 teachers per car with travel measured from your district's central office to 475 Vine Street and back. The current mileage rate is .54 cents per mile.

SWIVL Robots

SWIVL robots (1 per district) can be purchased by the Expansion districts, which include Asheboro City, Stokes, Surry, Thomasville City and Yadkin. These are the only districts that will receive reimbursement for the SWIVL purchase for Year 2. All original Year 1 districts already purchased their SWIVL robots during Year 1. Any additional purchases must be covered at the cost of the district. Expansion districts may need approximately 4 weeks to place orders and receive their SWIVLs for use. Year 1 districts all purchased SWIVLs during the 2015-2016 school year and these devices should be available for checkout or through a district created schedule. For questions regarding your district's SWIVL please direct those to your MAPSS Representative within your district. Expansion district reps, you will be receiving a separate email from me with information about ordering your SWIVL.

Penny Willard- MAPSS Grant Coordinator

Remember that our team is here to support you! You can reach us on Edmodo, email, Twitter, or text. Our Twitter handles are listed below, connect with us to build an even stronger partnership.

  • @WillardPenny (Penny)
  • @joeferrara143 (Joe)
  • @DrewBelton5 (Drew)
  • @Wake_UTD_PBL (WFU/UTD Partnership & Kelsey)
  • @MRSJNR (Amanda)
  • @UTD_IIE (Institute for Instructional Excellence, University of Texas- Dallas)