DreamBox Reports

Progress Monitoring to Inform Instruction

Informative Reporting

You can view progress by standards, usage and time invested, see a quick snapshot of learning levels & progress making, as well as more detailed views for individual profile to inform face-to-face instruction.

To access reports:
1. Log into your Teacher Dashboard.
2. Click the 'Classroom Reports' tab.
3. Using the 'Classroom Reports' drop down menu, select the report you'd like to view.





•Student Progress by Standard

•Student Groups by Proficiencies

Working With Classroom Reports

Getting started with DreamBox Reports:

--> Read & Review Understanding Classroom Reports

--> Teacher Dashboard Reporting
(interactive module including all reports)

Usage Report

  • Sessions
  • Time on Task,
  • Lessons, Unique Lessons & Units Completed

  • --> Accessing & Filtering Classroom Usage Report

    --> Usage Report Interactive Segment
  • Scavenger Hunt Questions-->USAGE

    1. Who has been on DreamBox for the most sessions?

    2. What is the difference between Unique Lessons Completed and Lessons Completed?

    3. Why should you track Unique Lessons?

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    Summary Report

    High level view of curriculum completed--see what kids have accomplished at a glance.

    --> Classroom Summary Report Explained

    --> Classroom Summary Report Interactive Segment

    3 colors:

    • blue: passed in pre-test
    • gray: skipped content due to initial placement
    • orange: lesson content passed

    INDIVIDUAL & WEEKLY Detail Student Reports
    • Notifications:

      •red flag—>struggling

      •orange bubble—>inefficient work
      >>click on individual detail report to drill down


    1. Red flag

    * Who has a flag?

    * What unit triggered the red flag?

    2. Orange bubble--

    * What could be the cause of working inefficiently?

    * How could you encourage students to work more efficiently in Dreambox?

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    Student Progress by Standard

    » individual report detailing Student progress & proficiency on specific curriculum units

    » track progress on units completed, percent completed in progress

    --> Student Progress By Standard Report Explained
    --> Student Progress By Standard Interactive Segment


    1. Is anyone in the process of completing a unit?

    * If so, which unit?

    * What grade level?

    * How much has he completed?

    2. Have any students passed portions of a unit pretest?
    * Name one and how much have they passed.

    3. What do the checks with white circles represent?

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    Student Progress by Proficiency

    » Groups by Proficiency = proficient, in progress to learn, not yet ready to learn

    » Specific students in each group tracked & displayed by concept

    » To inform differentiated instruction

    --> Student Progress By Proficiency Report Explained
    --> Student Progress By Proficiency Report Interactive Segment


    1. How do you sort for grade level content?

    2. How do you look at proficiency from prior months?

    3. Which students are in progress on the Place Value to 1000 (2nd)?

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