Richert Family Christmas Update

Saving paper, saving trees!

Hello One and All

Merry Christmas family members! Since my job is to encourage the use of technology in the classroom, I thought I'd try something a little different than the traditional Christmas letter. It's my first annual techie Christmas letter. Actually, I don't think I've done a Christmas letter in a few years, and you might not get this every year. Also, if you talk to my mom from time to time you probably know most of this, but I digress! So, here goes. . .

Two Graduations in the Family!

Family Update Jarrett and Morgan

The pictures might tell it all, but clearly our boys are no longer boys! Jarrett managed to crash into adulthood with the trifecta of college graduation, marriage and his first job. This all occurred within about a month and a half's time. I think he's happy to be settled, with a a petroleum engineering job in the most horrible little house in the panhandle town of Woodward. He and Morgan are being smart, and renting until they know whether or not they will get to stay there. With the downturn in oil prices, he could be moved. Luckily they were able to find a rental through "it's who you know" circumstances. One day they will look back fondly on their cozy little home, I'm sure. There's something to be said about starting out humble.

The Richert-McMullin Wedding

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Ryan is in his second year at Southwest Oklahoma State University. He's narrowing down a major more and more each day. We think he's studying to be a park ranger. But, Ryan's not one to freely share his plans. So really, we don't know. He loves the outdoors, and has a keen interest in guns (Park ranger sound like a good match, eh?).

He recently built a gun for his dad's birthday. We enjoy target shooting together as a family from time to time, though I don't enjoy it nearly as much as the boys. I have to admit I really like Ryan's cool revolver. I feel like I'm straight out of the wild west when I shoot that thing. We're waiting on Ryan to turn 21 so we can all get our concealed carry licenses.

I also have inside news that he's "talking" with his former girlfriend again. We really like Lexie so we're hoping my intelligence data on this is correct. Again, Ryan doesn't share too much, so who knows?

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Jay and I

It's been two years now since our usual lifestyle came to a screeching halt. We're doing the empty nester thing, which means we're trying to figure out what in the world to do besides chase boys around from athletic event to athletic event. I'm not sure we've entirely figured it out yet. It seems like the couch is quite a bit more worn than it was two years ago. Hopefully we'll get ourselves together soon and develop some interests.

Jay spends a lot of time on the farm as his dad is slowing down a bit. He and Ryan do the things Papa doesn't want to do anymore, and as an old farmer he deserves to do that! I think Jay'd give up his day job teaching math to work full time at the farm if he could, but unfortunately we're both too far away from retirement.

I work way too much according to my husband, but I wouldn't if I didn't want to. My job as district Ed tech director gives me dual roles of managing all the technology and technology staff in the district. I also teach teachers how to effectively integrate technology, whether they like it or not. Ha! For those not barricading their doors, I think we're making some real progress. The biggest lesson learned in three years in this position: Many people aren't fond of change. Huh, who knew? AND Nepotism is not a good thing, not good at all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We really enjoying hearing from each of you this time of year. It's hard to believe I've been in Oklahoma now for most of my life, but I'm still a Colorado girl at heart! From the Richert family to all of yours, we wish you the warmest, happiest Christmas. May 2016 bring good things your way!
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