Plato's Cave

The Unknown World

Plato's Cave Response

I believe that some people are still chained but some are free. I think with Plato’s Cave interpretation is so true when we have only know certain things I think we are all chained to many thinks like our beliefs we grew up with and our culture. I think when we don’t try new things as we are growing up we stay in a bubble and hate or don’t like to try new things. I always tell my friends to try new things even if it’s out of your comfort zone. In Mexico there is a dish called “mole” is made with chocolate but it isn’t sweet but it’s so good at least to me it is. I told a friend to try it and he said “it looks disgusting and it looks like poop” and well it kind of does but once he tried it he loved it but he still didn’t like the way it looked. So now mostly everyone has a phone with internet and we are in a lot or just one type of social media. The bad thing about that is that mostly everyone spends their time in that and that’s an example of being chained to this social media. I feel like for this reason too many of us teens stay at home in our phones instead of going out with our friends and talking to them (not saying we don’t do that but we are hanging out and we are texting). When we get out of out to the world and see things we haven’t seen because we are so set in our own little world we are like the cave men coming out of the cave.