Room 231

September 23rd - 28th, 2012


We've had a few changes to our newsletter to celebrate the beautiful Fall weather this weekend! We've also had a few changes in Room 231 this week. First, after a discussion with each class, we have decided that we are going to do away with Reading Response Journals. This will be replaced by mini-conferences where I check in on what they are reading and how they are progressing. This way, they will be a little more accountable for their reading without the added pressure of a bi-weekly Standards Check grade being attached to the process. I want to them learn to love reading, not just muddle through to earn a grade :-) Also, they were beginning and putting down so many books that I would like to find out what they don't like in a book - the reason that they decided to stop reading them - so that I can help them make more informed reading choices based on what they do like.

Speaking of reading, I'm not certain how many of you were aware, but our classroom has a library of almost 300 books for my students to choose from, as a supplement to the CMS Library and their home and public libraries. We have titles in nearly all genres, lots of non-fiction, and some poetry and even picture books. Here is a link to the books available in our classroom: Please take a look through our titles!

This Week's Lessons...

Preparing for Embedded Assessment 2

A component of Embedded Assessment 2 includes creating a Graphic Novel, based on scenes from The Giver. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be studying Film Techniques to help cement the importance of visual representation. On Wednesday, we will be looking at societal customs and discovering the differences between Jonas' society and our own. At the end of the week, we will be working on characterization and doing more work on comparing societies. This promises to be a busy, but very interesting week!