Canis Major

The Myth of Canis Major

Canis Major or the greater dog is the constellation representing the larger of Orion the hunter's dogs and follows his master loyally across the southern skies of winter. The story is that Canis Major is associated with Laelaps the fastest dog in the world,destined to catch anything it pursued.Zeus gave Europa Laepus as a gift and a javelin that could not miss.The javelin proved to be an unfortunate gift because Europa was killed when her husband,Cephalus was out hunting with it.Cephalus than took the dog to Thebes to hunt down a fox that was causing trouble there but the fox was destined to never be caught and when Laelaps started to chase the fox and it was said they chased each other for days and could not see the end of the chase but Zeus came down and turned them into stone and casted Lealaps into the sky
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Objects Inside the Canis Major

located in the Canis Major is Sirius,a bright star located at the mouth of the dog got it's nickname the Dog Star because Canis Major appears to be holding the star in its jaws.Also the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy,open cluster Messier 41, the emission nebula NGC 2359(also know as Thors Helmet),and the colliding spiral galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163 are located inside and near the constellation

I have a challenge for YOU!!

Try and find your constellation in this chart
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Canis Major is located in the second quadrant (SQ1) and can be seen at latitudes between +6o and -90 degrees

Sky Chart

This picture is a sky chart of the stars and other space objects around the Candis Major
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