The US and Canada are connected!

including the economic, social, and political connections


Economic- The United States and Canada share two borders and their bilateral relationship is one of the closest in the world. It is reflected by the high volume of bilateral trade that is 2 billion dollars a day in goods and services in people to people contact. Almost 300,000 people cross their borders a day by all modes of transport. the countries work very closely when it comes to security, law enforcement, and environmental protection. The US and Canada share North Atlantic Treaty Organization mutual security commitments. the US and Canada's military forces cooperate on continental defense in the framework of binational NORAD

Social- they share the predominant language of english yet some Canadians still speak french. They also share a British heritage along with similar cultures and customs. such as, holidays, celebrations, and currency. They also both have high tourism rates. A ton of people from Canada visit the USA and a ton of Americans visit Canada. The religions of Canada and the USA are similar in the fact that both's top religion is Christianity at 73.6% in Canada and 78.4% in the USA.

Political- In addition, the Us and Canada work together closely on environmental matters, such as monitoring air quality and solid waste transfers, and protecting and maintaing the quality of better border waterways. Our Governments are also closely related both are a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. Canada is also the single largest foreign supplier of energy to the USA

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  • Canada and the US are the worlds largest trading partners

  • Canada and the United States share British Colonial Heritage the development of one of the most successful international relationships in the modern world started by the warfare of the 1770's and 1812.

  • Canada's population and economy are roughly one tenth of that of the US's

Cultural ties

there are close cultural ties because both predominantly speak english and their are historical ties between the Francophone populations.

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After 1850, the pace of industrialization and urbanization was much faster in the United States, drawing a wide range of immigrants from the North. By 1870, 1/6 of all the people born in Canada had moved to the United States, with the highest concentrations in New England, which was the destination of emigrants from Quebec and the Maritimes; people from Ontario moved into nearby Michigan. It was common for people to move back and forth across the border, such as seasonal lumberjacks, entrepreneurs looking for larger markets, and families looking for jobs in the textile mills that paid much higher wages than in Quebec.[48]
Canada - United States Trade Relationship

the video above summarizes the relations between the US and Canada!


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