Friday Focus

May 27, 2022

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  • A Message from Marcie
  • Congrats DI team, 99 cents!
  • Summer 2022 Digital Tool Access Information
  • Reminder for 5th Grade Families
  • Fees for 2022-23
  • Camp Duncan Back in '22-'23
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A Message from Marcie

Happy Friday, South Park!

What a day! Our Field Day for our 3rd-5th grade students was memorable, to say the least, as we endured the rainy conditions all morning long. A special thanks to our parent volunteers and teachers for encouraging our students to have fun, despite the rain. In the end, our students had a great time laughing, playing, and even dancing in the rain!

Upon reflection, this type of experience is absolutely necessary for our kids. To build their grit and resilience, sometimes we have to withstand uncomfortable situations. Some refer to this type of an experience as Type II Fun. Though for some students, it may have seemed lousy at the time, in retrospect, we hope they remember our chilly, rainy Field Day with fond memories!

This afternoon, we were lucky that Mother Nature cooperated and the rain held off completely. Our students enjoyed friendly competition among their classmates as they participated in our Field Day events. A huge thanks to all of our volunteers along with Mr. Sheldon for making Field Day a positive experience for everyone!

In addition to Field Day, our students enjoyed our Helping Hands Day activity in support of the Bounce Children's Foundation. All of our students came together to create patriotic "Bounce Back Kits," which are craft kits that will be donated to families of chronically ill children for the 4th of July.

Click here to learn more about the Bounce Organization and our Helping Hands Day project. Thank you to our South Park families for donating loose change last month for our Golf Ball Decorating Contest. The funds raised allowed us to purchase materials for the Bounce Back Kits that we created today. Thank you to Paula Sklare and Mrs. Pullano for all of their hard work behind the scenes.

We look forward to wrapping up our school year together next week! Stay safe this weekend!


Congratulations to DI team, 99 cents!

We are proud of the DI team, 99 cents, for earning 4th place at Global Finals!

Their 1.3 oz. structure held 935 pounds!

Whoa! Good job, 99 cents!

Summer 2022 Digital Tool Access Information

The digital tools below can be accessed on a personal (home) device by going to and entering the student’s dps109 email address and animal password (school issued) OR by using a Clever badge if you have one. On your personal iPad, you can install the Clever app as well if you would like. Other digital tools used throughout the year (not listed in the table) that require a Google sign-on with a dps109 email may be used as well (i.e. WeVideo, CoSpaces Edu, Worldbookonline, etc.) Please note: some features of the individual digital tools may become disabled throughout the summer as the companies make updates to their product in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Reminders for student emails, passwords, and graduation years:
  • Students' emails are their first name + last name + graduation year @
  • Example:
  • Exceptions are longer name combinations. For those, it would be first initial + last name + graduation year @
  • Example:
  • All passwords are an animal + 4 digits

Graduation year:

K: 2034

1st: 2033

2nd: 2032

3rd: 2031

4th: 2030

5th: 2029

*the above grade levels refer to the 2021-22 school year


Reading Eggs K-1



IXL Reading 2-8

IXL Math K-8

Exact Path 2-5

Newsela 3-8

Big Ideas Math Skills Trainer K-8

Reminder for 5th Grade Families

Fifth Grade families, please make your child's medical appointments now to have their health and dental forms submitted BEFORE starting 6th grade.

Fees for 2022-23

Fees for the 2022 - 2023 school year are posted to Family Access and are due July 1. Please see detailed fee information here. Parents/guardians of 5th-grade parents received an email regarding Outdoor Education fees for Camp Duncan. A Camp Duncan reminder is below.

Camp Duncan - Back on in '22-'23!

In past years, students have gone to the YMCA Camp Duncan in the fall of their 5th-grade year. The pandemic made the experience unavailable to our current 6th graders and resulted in a delay for our current 5th graders. The middle schools will begin sponsoring the Camp Duncan trip beginning with the 2022-2023 school year!

6th grade is a big time of transition for students. Not only do two elementary schools merge, but the schedule and school day also look different. The team-building activities offered at Camp Duncan will serve as a great kickoff to middle school as students and staff get to know one another! In 2022-2023, both the 6th and 7th-grade classes at Shepard and Caruso will go to Camp Duncan so all students will have had the opportunity. In future years (2023 and beyond), the 6th-grade class will continue this 109 tradition. More information will be shared by the middle school principals at the beginning of the school year.

Important Dates

June 1 - 5th Grade Picnic

June 2 - 5th Grade Variety Show

June 3 - 1/2 Day Dismissal at 11:40 a.m.


This opt-out will be for testing on Thursday, 6/2.

Fill out this Google Form prior to 7 AM on THURSDAY, 6/2.

*Please note that if you have consented but want to opt out of a week, you must fill out the form every week.