The Buzz in Room 218!

Mrs. Crickenberger's Class-January 4th Edition

Thank You!

Welcome Back & Thank You!

I hope you all had an amazing Winter break with lots of fun and family time! I know I enjoyed having the chance to celebrate with friends and family! As many of you know I was unfortunately out sick the Thursday and Friday before Winter break. The students did an outstanding job of showing role model behavior and being extra helpful to our substitute teachers. I also want to give a BIG thank you to all of the parent volunteers that made our Winter celebration such a success! I was so sad to miss the fun event, but I loved all of the wonderful pictures! I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!

I also want to take a moment to give a huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for my wonderful holiday gifts! When I came in after school on Friday I was overwhelmed with the kind notes, yummy goodies, beautiful gifts, and generous gift cards. I am also looking forward to staying hydrated with my new orange Swell water bottle that all of the students signed. It is an honor to teach all of your amazing children and I thank you again for all of your support and kindness!


  • Henley Administration and Guidance Counselors will have a Parent Information Night on Wednesday, January 13th at 6:30pm at Henley Middle School.
  • Henley Administration and the 6th grade Guidance Counselor will be coming to visit 5th grade students on Thursday, January 14th at 9:30am. This will be an information session followed by a brief question and answer session.
  • I will be giving the spelling assessment this Thursday that will provide the opportunity for one student from our class to participate in the BES Spelling Bee that will be held on Friday, January 22nd at 9:00am.

Mid-Year Assessments

We will be giving our mid-year assessment for reading on Friday, January 8th. The math mid year assessment will be given on Tuesday, January 12th. These assessments are for instructional purposes only and will provide data on students’ strengths and challenges as I plan instruction in the new year. These assessments will not reflect on students’ quarterly or year end grades. The reading assessment is given by the county and covers all 5th grade material. The math mid year is created by all 5th grade BES teachers and will only cover topics that have been taught. Students will be told how they’ve done on these assessments in order to facilitate goal setting as we approach the third quarter. If I have any concerns about student progress, I will be the first to contact you. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Recess in the Winter

Students who participate in outdoor recess must wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions. When it is between 40-50 degrees, students must be wearing long sleeves and long pants. When it is 40 degrees or colder, a coat must be worn outside. Students will be given the option to stay inside when the temperature is below 32 degrees outside.

Classroom Needs

It is that time of year when some of our supplies begin to run out. We are running low on pencils and lined notebook paper. If you are able to donate any to our class it would be much appreciated! Thank you!


  • Most reading groups are in the process of either continuing to explore the historical fiction genre or beginning to explore the realistic fiction genre. Please be sure to ask your child which book their reading group is reading.
  • Mrs. Dettmann will continuing to meet with her reading groups. Her reading groups will meet twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:20-11:00am. If your child is in her reading group please contact her with any questions or concerns at
  • Weekly Reading logs are assigned each Monday. Students are required to read a total of 120 minutes per week. Students do not have to read each day, but rather can map out their weekly reading requirements to coordinate with their busy schedules. Students should fill in the number of minutes, title of the book and have an adult initial next to each of the reading days. Weekly reading logs will be a part of their reading grade. Please email me if you have any questions about the weekly reading logs.

Word Study

  • This week we will be finishing up our Prefixes. Each day students have been introduced to a new prefix. We review the meaning of the prefix, as well as example words that use the prefix. Students then take the information learned to work on a Daily Word Work Google presentation. This is a small daily task that continues to develop and build throughout the year. Please encourage your child to show you their prefix Google presentation!
  • Word Study and Root Word Study groups are continuing to meet. Students who are in homeroom word study will be getting their sort assigned each Monday. The students will then have the next few days to complete their word work online in Google Classroom, and it will be submitted to me on Friday afternoon. They will also take their quizzes on Friday. For students in Root Word Study with Mrs. Dettmann they will take their quizzes and turn in all assigned work every other Thursday.


  • Before Winter Break we began learning about persuasive writing. We discussed the importance of having sufficient evidence to persuade your the reader to agree with your idea. Over the next two weeks students will be choosing a person to write a persuasive letter to. They can write to a parent, teacher, or other person of their choice to try and persuade them to agree with them in respectful and knowledgeable way. Be sure to ask your child about which topic they are planning to write on.

Social Studies & Science

  • Beginning today, January 4th, our class started their new Science unit with Mrs. Grogan on the Earth Patterns, Cycles, & Change. The students have been very excited for this unit as they will get to do many hands-on activities with rocks! This unit will go through Friday, January 22nd.
  • On Monday, January 25th, our class will return to me for Social Studies. We will be studying the Civil War & Reconstruction.

Birthday Celebrations

Every child loves to feel special that one day of the year. If you so choose, your child may share a treat with his or her classmates on or near his or her birthday. Treats are generally shared between 11:20-11:30 am. We have two students in our classroom with known food allergies to gluten and tree nuts. Their families are prepared to send in alternative treats that fit their dietary needs, so please let me know prior to bringing in classroom treats so that we can plan accordingly.

Important Dates

  • January 4th-First day back from Winter Break
  • January 8th-Reading Mid-Year Assessment
  • January 11th-BEE Classes Resume
  • January 12th-Math Mid-Year Assessment & PTO Meeting at 7pm
  • January 13th-Henley Hi-Tops Performance at Henley Middle School-9:45am
  • January 13th-Henley Parent Information Session at Henley Middle School-6:30pm
  • January 14th-Henley Student Information Session at BES- 9:30am
  • January 15th-End of 2nd Quarter
  • January 18th-Holiday-No School
  • January 19th-Holiday-Professional Development-No School for Students
  • January 22nd-BES Spelling Bee-9:00am