4C News

Sunday, September 27, 2015


We've been super busy reading and writing this week. The kids have planned and written their first informational paragraph as 4th graders! We worked specifically on explaining details. During reading the kids have been making inferences. You should ask your child about the things I pulled out of my purse! It's very exciting that the majority of our social studies is integrated into our ELA units!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are more than halfway through Module 1. This week the kids have had a quick review of addition and subtraction. They've also worked on modeling their thinking using tape diagrams. Though the work may seem simplistic, the students are focusing on using their work space appropriately. The plan is to finish Module 1 next week. Be sure to check out the Tips for Parents sheet!

Mr. Philipp's Math ~

This week the students continued to review all of the previous lessons – multiplying and dividing by 10’s, reading and writing large numbers, and writing numbers in various forms.

As for the new content that was presented to them, they compared large numbers into the millions by looking at greater than and less than symbols. Ask your child how he/she can remember how to use the correct symbol! The other concept we discussed this week was adding and subtracting one thousand, ten thousand, and a hundred thousand from a given number.Many of the concepts learned over the last couple of weeks are intertwined in our new lessons so it provides the students with even more review/practice. Please remember that your child is accountable for completing all assignments to the best of his/her ability. Many questions have multiple steps. Each child should show an attempt to complete each problem. However, if they are still confused please place your initials on the difficult question/problem or write a note either on the top of the assignment or in your child’s agenda. Please share with your child, as I have, that they have more ability than they think and sometimes show.

You will be receiving Exit Tickets in your child’s Friday Folder. These Exit Tickets can be corrected and turned in to be re-graded. Corrections should be placed on a separate sheet and paper and stapled with the Exit Ticket.


The mini sprouters have been a huge success! The kids have been logging their observations all week. I'll include a picture next week as soon as I learn how to import them without changing the picture orientation!


We had a great day on Friday at Ganondagan! The weather was perfect and the children were awesome! They were able to learn a little more information about one of the three sisters. They also were able to catch a glimpse of the inside of the longhouse. Look for a silly picture of 4C next week!