APRIL 2020



Dear Gopher Community,

Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our 1500 students. We are concerned for our students’ health and well-being, as well as their families. Although none of us have experienced a pandemic before, the Gresham High School family of students, parents, educators, county and community leaders, and all other stakeholders has quickly risen to the occasion, as usual! We would like to thank everyone for your kindness and support, especially our health professionals, truck drivers, grocery store employees, first responders and all other essential operations personnel.

Gresham-Barlow School District’s first and foremost priority is your most important assets- your children! The next few weeks will not be easy. There will be mistakes, problems, and concerns along the way. However, there will be more successes, happiness, hope, laughter, fun, and purpose! We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc. We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time. Please do not stress over the school work via distance learning. Frustrations are high due to our circumstances and we don’t want to increase the stress on our families. We are going to do our best to provide schoolwork to keep our students' minds moving forward. But you are the parents and they are with you, so you have control to adjust as needed for your child/children. Contact your students counselor or teacher via email or call the school number and leave a message, if you need help (503-674-5500). We also ask for your patience and understanding as we travel this new territory, too. Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with their new, but temporary, normal.

On another note, there are many questions about how extended school closures will affect school life like grades, promotion, graduations and so much more. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) will evaluate policies and procedures and will make recommendations to the State Board of Education. We will keep you updated as these questions are answered. Reminder the week of April 6th is designated as Supplemental Learning. The schedule provided will run through the week of April 6th, but is subject to change. I will send updated schedules as we continue to develop our online learning plan.

Hope all is well.

Drake Shelton

Principal Gresham High

Gresham High School Distance Learning Guidelines & Behavioral Expectations

To ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment, we expect all students to utilize the following guidelines and abide by the behavioral expectations just as if students were attending class in person. All GHS behavioral expectations still apply to all virtual learning communities.

Guidelines and Behavioral Expectations ANONYMITY AND PRIVACY

Anonymity:The internet often gives us the impression that what we do online is anonymous, but everything we do online leaves a digital footprint.

Privacy: Everything you do online using your GBSD account and/or technology is a matter of public record. You should not assume anything you say, post, submit, etc. is private.


Teachers/Staff do have permission to record the Meetings/Sessions, in an effort to provide access to other students who might not be able to attend a synchronous session. Teachers/Staff will share their intent to record prior to the meeting/session. Recorded sessions can and will be used only for educational purposes. Students/Families who are uncomfortable being recorded are to notify the teacher and/or staff member prior to the session.


Communicating Online: When we are communicating online we don’t have the benefit of reading other people’s emotions so we need to be thoughtful about what we say to avoid any misunderstandings.


● Always re-read before sending

● Use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar

● Be kind

● Be respectful

● No internet slang or abbreviations

● Be professional

● No shouting (using ALL CAPS)

● Keep conversations relevant and on topic

● No joking about sensitive topics


All school-related communication must be done with your GBSD account. Students will be communicating with teachers and classmates using tools including but not limited to Gmail, Google Meet, Google Voice, Google Classroom, and Remind.


All distance learning applications and experiences are for Gresham HS students only.

● Do not share passwords, course codes, meeting links, or any other information that gives non-Gresham students access to our online content.

● Do not attend any school-related Google Hangout/Meet or any videoconferencing to which you have not been invited.

● Students must use their real first and last names at all times, creating any fake or spoof accounts is prohibited.

● Students must not share information with anyone outside that same period.

● Students must not capture anything. Sessions are considered concealed recordings and all recordings must be done by first obtaining consent from the teacher and classmates.


● Dress as you would for school

● Be on time

● Turn the mic off and camera off before joining the meeting.

● Check your surroundings before joining the meeting, e.g., do not display inappropriate items/images in the foreground or background).

● Keep the microphone off if you are not talking

● Keep the camera off if there are distractions around (the camera can see everything)

● Avoid eating

● Avoid multitasking


Departments will block their Supplemental Learning Days over a 2 hour period (8am-10am). Departments communicate their direct “instruction” plan with the co-teaching department. Students will have the ability to choose which class they will join during their 2 hour block. Teachers can record lessons, so those who can’t make their scheduled times can review the recording through Google Classroom.


  • 8-10- Fine Arts/MA

  • Office Hours- will be posted on Teachers Google Classroom

  • 12-1- Lunch

  • 1-4- Department Planning, Curriculum Alignment, Department Meeting


  • 8-10- SS/WL

  • Office Hours- will be posted on Teachers Google Classroom

  • 12-1- Lunch

  • 1-4- Department Planning, Curriculum Alignment, Department Meeting


  • 8-10- ELA/ H/PE

  • Office Hours- will be posted on Teachers Google Classroom

  • 12-1- Lunch

  • 1-4- Department Planning, Curriculum Alignment, Department Meeting


  • 8-10-Performing Arts/ CTE

  • Office Hours- will be posted on Teachers Google Classroom

  • 12-1- Lunch

  • 1-4- Department Planning, Curriculum Alignment, Department Meeting


  • 8-10- SCI/ELL

  • Office Hours- will be posted on Teachers Google Classroom

  • 12-1- Lunch

  • 1-4- Department Planning, Curriculum Alignment, Department Meeting

Student Learning Expectations:

  • Students are asked to review assignments 2 hours per day.

  • Students can set “grouped” office hour slots with any teacher during Office hours


In the next two days April 6th and 7th a staff member will be reaching out via phone call to check in on each Gresham High School student and family. These calls will appear as restricted, please answer as we are interested in knowing whether or not your student needs technology or any other basic necessity. If you are in need of technology we will provide information on how you can secure a laptop for your household.


A team of staff assigned to our counselors are working hard to make personal contact the week of April 6th. We will make every effort to call all 1500 families that attend Gresham High School by April 10th. Our phone calls may appear as “restricted”. Please answer the call as we want to support your students and families and have a few questions. If you require technology for our distance learning, we can provide resources, if you are in need of food, utility assistance or any other basic necessity we can provide resources - thank you!


Be on the lookout for communication from GBSD regarding electronic device roll-out. If your student is in need of an electronic device for educational purposes the district will be sending out the plan for distribution.

If you have completed the online survey we have your results. If you have not we will be contacting you by phone (restricted call ID)


We are now able to answer our school phone remotely. The office hours for this week will be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have questions please call our main number (503-674-5500). If you reach our message please understand that the person answer the switchboard is on another call and unable to answer. Please wait a few minutes and try back.


Local Scholarships:

  • All local scholarship paper-only applications are available on the GHS website (link)

  • A complete list of local scholarships, including online applications, is on our website under College & Career

    • Updated deadlines are posted here as soon as I hear back from our scholarship patrons.

If students have questions or concerns please reach out to Ms. Cervenkova at cervenkova2@gresham.k12.or.us

Updates from OR colleges:

  • MHCC - testing services are closed at this time. Students can still submit their Official HS transcripts with Smarter Balance scores for placement.

  • PSU - Enrollment Confirmation Priority Deadline was extended to June 1st.

  • SAT/ACT scores will not be required at Oregon's public universities and OHSU, starting fall term 2021.

    • Eastern Oregon University

    • Portland State University

    • Oregon State University

    • Oregon Institute of Technology

    • Southern Oregon University

    • University of Oregon

    • Western Oregon University


If your student is currently enrolled in Edgenuity credit recovery, they continue to be enrolled in their course and may continue in those classes. The deadline for the second session was April 5th, however, this deadline has been extended. The completion date for this session will be communicated to Edgenuity students and their counselors via email this week.


In-person testing for the year has been cancelled by IB. Students registered for Ib tests will still receive a score and the college credit for scores of 5 or higher as planned. Full Diploma students will still be awarded a diploma based on their cumulative work, Extended Essays, TOK work, and CAS. Teachers and Students are working on finalizing, scoring, and submitting all internal work according to IB's deadlines. Gresham High School has asked for an extension on these deadlines, but has not yet been granted one. Internal Assessments will now be scored externally by IB and will be crucial to student scores. Class performance will be considered as well. Subject area teachers or Mr Simpson are the best resources for any questions you may have right now. You can also consult ibo.org for updates directly from IB. Mr Simpson can be contacted at simpson@gresham.k12.or.us


At this time decisions regarding second semester grades are being developed in accordance with guidance by the Oregon Department of Education. We will send out information as soon as we have been advised.


We do not yet have any answers about the graduation ceremony. We will continue to follow Governor Brown’s orders regarding group gatherings.


Jostens is going to hold a “Drive Thru Cap/Gown/Announcements Delivery” this year in the high school Parking lot off of Division Street on Friday April 24th from 10- 2pm. Students and or Parents will drive into the parking lot at the high school and without ever leaving the vehicle, Jostens will deliver your graduation order to the back of your car. Social distancing will be practiced. Stay Safe!


Our 9th grade class failed to complete their forecasting for the 2020 - 2021 school year. We are currently working on a plan to have them forecast online from home. This information will be coming in the following weeks so that we can capture their educational plans for their sophomore year.


Students who applied to CAL will be communicated with by counselor Hannah Anderson, either by phone or email. She will be reaching out to those students to let them know that they have been accepted into the program they were seeking or not and then talk with each of them about what other classes they will be taking during their Junior year while attending both the Center for Advanced Learning and Gresham High School.


All junior level standardized exams to meet graduation requirements have been suspended. We will not be offering the Reading, Writing or Math Smarter Balanced Assessment this Spring. Some CAL juniors have already taken the ELA portion of the exam and we will keep those scores on file. Many juniors also began and/or finished the OAKs Science Exam. Those scores will be kept on file, but are not used for graduation requirements. At this time, there is no word on if these exams will be offered in the future or if they will be required to graduate for the class of 2021.


Gopher Sports Community:

The OSAA Executive Board met on April 1st and decided to delay a decision on whether or not to cancel spring sports. Currently, all spring sports have been suspended in line with Governor Brown's statewide moratorium on public gatherings, which runs through April 28th. The OSAA Board will meet again on April 15th to discuss developments and we'll hope for some clarity. One thing we do know is that the OSAA will align any decision it makes with the Governor's office. If it is ultimately determined that students will not return to school for the rest of this academic year, then OSAA has stated that spring sports will be cancelled.

In the meantime, contingency plans are being formed in the event that spring sports are permitted to start up again. This means modified practice and game schedules are being built and will be released when deemed appropriate.

The Gresham-Barlow School DIstrict and individual schools are developing plans for rolling over or reimbursing athletic user fees if spring sports are cancelled. Details for this process will be made available once a final decision from OSAA is reached. We will continue to update this situation as we receive more information in the coming weeks.


The district has posted educational resources online for students and families wishing to bring some structure to their day while on an “extended break”. These resources also provide students the opportunity to brush up on their academic skills over the next few weeks. The resources can be found at the following link:GBSD Resources


If you think you or a family member might have COVID-19:

Most cases of COVID-19 are mild and people are able to recover at home. If you need medical help, call your primary care provider. Most providers are holding all appointments over the phone (telemedicine). They will tell you if you need to be seen in person.

If you have any emergency warning signs for COVID-19 you need to get medical help right away. Call 9-1-1 and tell them you think you might have COVID-19. Emergency warning signs include:

  • trouble breathing,

  • pain or pressure in the chest,

  • new confusion or difficulty waking up,

  • running out of air from speaking or walking.

If you don’t have a primary care provider or don’t have medical insurance:

  • The School Based Health Center at Parkrose High School provides medical and mental health care for any student (age 5-18) in Multnomah County. Call 503-988-3392

  • Multnomah County Health Centers provides care to adults and children. Call 503-988-5558

  • For information about dental care and pharmacy services call 503-988-5558

Oregon Health Plan and COVID-19:

You will not lose your OHP benefits during the COVID-19 crisis, even if they are scheduled to end. If you receive an emergency payment from the Federal government, it will not count as income on your OHP eligibility.

Immigration Status and COVID-19:

United States Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) has said that all people who have symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to seek medical care. This medical care will not have a negative impact on any person during a future Public Charge analysis. Read the statement from USCIS here. If you have questions about immigration status and medical care, call the Legal Aid/Oregon Law Center Public Benefits Hotline: 1-800-520-5292

For current updates, click on these links:

For Multnomah County

For Clackamas County

For Washington County

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


As you know, the Gresham-Barlow School District is closed from Monday, March 16th until Tuesday, April 28th. If you are in need of food, utility or housing assistance, please consider contacting 2-1-1 by phone or at their website https://www.211info.org/ to find out the latest information about where you can get help. Additional resources can be found here: https://www.gresham.k12.or.us/domain/1129. If you receive SNAP benefits, please contact your local self-sufficiency office to inquire about assistance.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or need someone to talk to you, please consider contacting the following crisis lines. Support is available to you 24 hours a day.

Lines for Life: 1-800-273-8255

Youthline: 1-877-968-8491 or text "teen2teen" to 839863

The Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386

Multnomah County Crisis Line: 503-988-4888

If you need medical assistance, the Parkrose High School Health Center is open and can be reached at 503-988-3392. They serve all school-age youth, regardless of ability to pay and are open M-F 8:30-5:00. They are located at Parkrose High School at 12003 NE Shaver at the back side of the building next to the gym entrance.

Multnomah County Health Centers serve all ages regardless of ability to pay. Services include adult and child health care, women’s health and pregnancy care, and mental health care.

East County Clinic, 600 NE 8th Street, 3rd floor, Gresham.

Monday - Friday 8-7. Appointments:503-988-5558.

Mid County Clinic, 12710 SE Division.

Monday - Friday 8-7. Appointments: 988-5558.

NE County Clinic, 5329 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Monday - Friday 8-7. Appointments: 988-5558

County Health Telemedicine/phone consultations - 503-988-5558.

County Dental Clinic - 600 NE 8th Street, Gresham

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:30pm. Appointments: 503- 988-4900


Below are resources in our community to access food pantry sites as well as comprehensive resource lists to support families in need.

FREE Food Pantry Resources:

Food Pantry Sites:

Cherry Park Elementary School

1930 SE 104th Ave. Portland 97216

Mondays 3:45pm- 5:30pm

Note: We will be handing out pre-packed bags at this site

Glenfair Elementary School

15300 SE Glisan St, Portland 97230

Tuesdays 4pm-5:30pm

Alder Elementary School

17200 SE Alder St, Portland 97233

Wednesdays 4pm-6pm

David Douglas High School

1400 SE 130th Ave, Portland 97233

Thursdays 5pm-6:30pm

Note: This location is different from the main campus on 135th Ave.

Parklane Elementary School

15811 SE Main St, Portland 97233

Fridays 12:30pm-2pm

Resource lists:

General Resources:


General Resources in multiple languages:


Resources for undocumented families:


Legal COVID-19 Resources:


MFS Resource List:


If you have any questions or would like more information about Food Pantry Sites or access to community resources, please email SUN Site Manager Laurel Hess laurelh@mfs.email or call 971-645-0138.

Please follow our Gresham High School Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GreshamhsSUN/?ref=bookmarks for updated resource information during the COVID-19 crisis.


To access our school calendar please click on the Gresham High School like below this article. This will take you to our home page on our website. Our calendar is located on the left hand side of the page.