Women's Requirements

Associates please follow the below requirements.

Opening Requirements

1. Clear go-backs in Fitting Room and Customer Service Room.

2. Walk Women's to figure out where to start detail recovery.

Detail Recovery:

- Rack should be assorted by sleeve length and the color pattern ROY G. BIV (RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET) and brown, white, grey and black in the end.

- Make sure bottoms and dresses are in the back from "short to tall". EX: Shorts and then denim pants

- All racks and rounder's should be sized starting from the smallest to the largest size.

- Hangers should all be facing the same way; eye beams should make a "heart" shape

- Remove all items that do not belong; if you do not know where they go do not guess; ask another associate or hold it in the customer service room.

3. Whenever it is your turn to watch the Fitting Room, stay close and recover Contemporary.

Closing Requirements

Closing Requirements

1. Clear all go-backs in Fitting Room and Customer Service

2. Once all go-backs are clear; start recovering.

3. If you are watching the Fitting Room, start in Contemporary. If you are not watching the Fitting Room, start in Classic. When recovering Classic, make sure another associate is watching the Fitting Room.

4. Start in the farthest corner on left. From there work your way to the right and weave through so that you touch all the fixtures and rounder's.

5. Before close, do a final walk through and touch ups.

Once we all follow these requirements, Women's will get easier to recover and all we have to do is maintain it! :)