Aurora Frontier P-8 Staff Bulletin

February 1, 2016

What is happening at Frontier:

  • 2/2-Vision Screening for Kinder and Preschool-Conference Room
  • 2/3 Late Start will begin in the media center with an ELLT presentation followed by time for Content groups
  • 2/3-3rd quarter SLO data due
  • 2/4-Teacher Inservice Day-no school
  • 2/5-Conference Exchange Day-no school

Weekly Student Newscast is back. This week's newscast can be viewed at

Next Week:

  • 2/8-Building Council-2:45pm
  • 2/9-Rebecca Coats birthday
  • 2/9-Weather Works Presentation-3rd Grade-C-11-12:00-2:30
  • 2/11-Parent Teacher Conferences-3:00-7:00
  • 2/18-Wendy Waterman's Birthday

Cari's Corner

Hi all,

This week we were in many classrooms where we saw students engaged in their learning. We saw questions being asked of, and by, the students which elicited cognitive engagement, some examples were:

Teacher: How might you revise this piece of writing now that you have the feedback from the other students in class?

Student: I am going to change...

Student to the class: "I think that the author wrote this because..."

There were several other examples I could give and want to say great work making sure that our students are engaged in every possible way.

On another note...

***Instructional rounds on Tuesday 2-2. Focus teachers are taping their pre-observation videos on Monday 2-1. We will get those videos to you as soon as they are done. Please view that video before the instructional round on Tuesday.

We will meet in the focus teacher's classroom and then debrief in the conference room. We are looking for all types of engagement and the instructional moves made by the teacher.

Thanks for all you do for Frontier,

District Announcements

Date changes during second semester

Our staff meeting will be on Jan. 25th right after school.

The Feb. 1st staff meeting will be changed to Feb 29th.

Talent show will be March 25th, Stacy will send us more information as it is planned.

Feb. 4th is our exchange day NO SCHOOL for staff - please be sure to continue to document your 7.5 hours the documentation will be due Monday, May 2, 2016.

Parent contact

It is important that anytime you contact a parent that you log it into IC. If you need help with how to do this, please ask any of the Admin as we are happy to show you how.


Practice schedule: This season we are trying something new because of the limited practice space. Athletes, depending on grade level, will have late practice every other week starting at 4:30. Athletes with late practice have been asked to leave campus and come back. If you see them in the hallway or outside, we are asking that you remind them they have to be off school property. If there are any issues please let Thomas or Ron know. Thanks for you help and support.

Boy's Basketball Schedule

  • 2/1-A Hills vs. Frontier

7th Grade plays at A. Hills

8th Grade plays at Frontier

  • 2/3-Columbia vs. Frontier

7th Grade plays at Frontier

8th Grade plays at Columbia

  • 2/8-Mrachek vs. Frontier

7th Grade plays at Mrachek

8th Grade plays at Frontier

  • 2/10-Murphy Creek vs. Frontier

7th Grade plays at Murphy Creek

8th Grade plays at Frontier

  • 2/13-Vista Peak vs. Frontier

7th Grade plays at Frontier

8th Grade plays at Vista Peak

If you need CPR training please let Thomas know.

Professional Learning

3rd Quarter SLO data will be due 2/3. Use this link to enter your data:

Strengthening Student Engagement: What do Students Want (and what really motivates them)?

PARCC scores
- the state has created a resource link to support our learning around PARCC

Winter Secondary Math Newsletter Contents:

*Sign Up for Transformational Geometry Professional Learning Study

*New Resources Website

*Course Titles

*Math Resources for 21st Century Learning

*Book Review: Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler

*Move to the SAT: what are the implications for Aurora?

January 27 Read News

In this edition you will find:

  • New: Timeline and Flowchart for Kinder READ Plans
  • PALS Plus Form C Information
  • Using PALS Data to Drive Instruction
  • Creating and Updating READ Plans
  • Parent Involvement and Communication
  • Retention/MTSS Information

Staff Announcements

As a reminder...
WIDA Writing Assessment, Monday February 1st

Mark you calendars!
Acuity testing: 3rd - 8th grade - Feb. 9th - 22nd
PARCC (reading, writing, math) 3rd - 8th grades. March 14th - April 29th
CMAS (social studies) 4th & 7th grade. April 11th- 29th
PARCC/CMAS testing schedule will be completed by February 12th (after Celi attends training sessions)


Upcoming meetings:

If you have a student you would like behavior support with (MTSS Behavior), please email Celi and she will walk you through the process.

NEXT PBIS Meeting:

Tuesday, February 23, 2:45-4pm

Tuesday, March 1 , 2:45-4pm - final assembly details

SOAR ASSEMBLY, Friday March 4

Dean's Box

  • Duty- Linda, Jamie, Celi, Thad, Courtney, Donita, Christine P., Crystal, Dacia, Michelle, Beth, Charlene, Joclyn, Jennifer, and Julie.
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FREE Technology Learning Opportunity-Denver Public Schools is hosting an EdCamp on Saturday, February 6, 2016 from 8-2 at Grant Beacon Middle School. Check out for more information and to register. I will be there. Anyone want to join me?

Chromebook COW Availability-Acuity testing will be starting soon so the Chromebook COWs will be limited for classroom use. I will update the Community Cow Google Calendars as soon as the schedule is finalized.

Printing considerations. Uncheck the Print option for Two-Sided printing. Each time a page goes through the printer either xerox or colored printer, each side is counted. I didn't know this. So, to conserve our paper counts before clicking the print button, uncheck the Two-Sided print choice if you only need 1 sided copies.

Poster Printer-The poster printer has been setup and ready for use. To use the poster printer, you will have to directly connect your laptop to the poster printer until the print job has started. I have created a help sheet for the printer driver install process and for printing documents and images. It is best that all documents be printed using a .pdf format. The helpsheet will be taped to the printer on Monday, can be access on the staff connections page of our website under tutorials, or directly by clicking the HP Poster Printer link.


Valentines Candy Roses Student Council is sponsoring the Candy Rose sale for Valentines Day. Order forms for your students will be in your boxes next week. Roses are $1.50 each, $8.00 for 6 and $14.50 for a dozen. Order forms were in your boxes to be sent home as well as collection envelopes. If you need a collection form, please let me know. The week of February 8, we will have roses for sale at the falcon's nest as well.

Equity in Learning Leadership Team

  • 2-2 Instructional rounds for everyone not on the ELLT committee. Please view videos of the focus teacher you are going to observe.