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Welcome to new students and families!

Hello, students and families!

Congratulations on finishing up your year! Hope finals went well and you are ready for summer :-)

I am available via email over summer, though I will be camping for some of it and may not have great reception or the ability to check email at all times. I will be busy updating transcripts with college grades for current students as soon as grades post the week of June 7th. Also, for a few of you, I will be making schedule changes after Math Jam on June 10. (see below) After that, I hope to take a break and enjoy time with my family and start planning for next year.


At some point, you will receive a copy of your summer (if registered) and fall schedule in the mail. Remember, these are just the college classes -- you also have your three high school classes every afternoon from 12:30-3:10.

Ignore tuition bills from Cañada College; tuition is waived for students taking 11 units or fewer, and materials fees will be covered by MC. These fees will be paid once the add/drop period is over.

If you have a question about your schedule, please email me and I will try to help you as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you need to drop a summer class.

Summer Reminders

Next week is Math Jam! If you are planning on attending, please make sure you arrive at the Learning Center at 9am this Monday. The program meets in the Learning Center (2nd floor of Building 9) from 9:00am-3:00pm June 6-10.The tutors will group you based on your current placement test score. Remember, for many of you participating, you are doing this to raise your math score so you don't have to "repeat" a math course. Lunch is provided each day. You will retake the test on Saturday, June 13. Use this week to get to know the resources in the Learning Center, the helpful tutors, other classmates, and the campus in general. It's a great opportunity! Questions should be directed to Chris Woo at, or at (650) 306-3463.

The summer session is from June 13- July 23. Students need to keep in mind that in the summer the drop date comes very quickly--in many cases, the drop date is June 15. Make sure you notify me immediately if your plans change and you need to drop a class. If you remain registered in a class but do not attend or participate, you will fail it and I cannot remove it from your transcript, so please make sure you email me right away if you need to drop. You can check the drop deadline for each class in WebSchedule - search for the course, then click on the link to the course and scroll down to the box that says Critical Dates for This Course. You'll find the drop deadlines there.

Familiarize yourself with your WebSmart account. It is very important that students do not change their username and password for their WebSmart account; username must remain your G-number, and password must remain your birthday (two digits for month-day-year, e.g. 061697). If you have already changed it, please change it back or I will reset it. WebSmart is where you can check your schedule, buy a parking pass, or check college grades once they post. I will access your account to add and drop classes, and check your grades at the end of the semester.

You may change your password for your my.smccd email and link it to another email account, if you like. This is the email address that college professors will use to send out class information, so it is important that you actually check it regularly. You can find your my.smccd email information by logging into WebSmart and scrolling down to the bottom of the page – then click on the my.smccd email link. I will not access your email account - that is yours alone to manage and check.

WebAccess is an online component that many professors use; log in with the same information as WebSmart. Professors may post their syllabus on this site, as well as upload assignments, hold online discussions, post grades, etc. Students enrolling in online classes should check their my.smccd email accounts and WebAccess for the syllabus, course information and materials. Again, please do not change the log in for this, as it is tied to your WebSmart account.

A reminder for those taking summer classes: during summer tuition is waived, but families are responsible for the cost of the college textbooks - you may rent books from the bookstore or purchase used copies there or online. Talk to Chris if you need help paying for summer books or required supplies.

Chris Brandin will be in the MC office (building 5, room 126) most of the summer on Monday-Thursday from 9:00-1:30. The MC phone # is 650-306-3120. I will be available via email throughout the summer, though may not be able to respond immediately from June 21-Aug 1, so please include Chris on all communications: Chris will be on vacation June 22-24.

SUHSD Registration

Chris sent this information out earlier, but here it is again in case you missed it.


Parents, please complete the SUHSD online registration process. This must be done each year.

1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal at

2. Click on “Inbox” to access the Online Registration message

3. Click on the message link called “SUHSD Online Registration”

4. Follow the directions on each screen and be sure to click “save” so you can move on

You don’t need to worry about approving classes, as IC can’t list the college classes and the MC high school classes are set; you just need to make sure all but the course information is correct.

If you have any problems, please call SUHSD IC Support at 650-369-1411 Ext 22364 or email They are available M-F from 7:30-4:00.


For students not currently attending one of the SUHSD schools (Carlmont, EPAA, M-A, Sequoia, or Woodside), please follow these instructions for registering in the district. This must be completed as soon as possible.

Fall Semester starts Aug 8!

Our fall semester begins on August 8. College classes begin the following week, on August 17, so those first few days we will have orientation, get books, and discuss the summer reading, I Am Malala. ALL students are expected to have completed the book by August 8 -- please bring it to class on that first day and be prepared to write about it and discuss it.

Counselors are assigned to students alphabetically by last name. Right now it looks as if I will working with students with last names beginning with A-D. For a few students on the cusp, keep in mind that if the alphabet shifts a bit you may have another counselor next year; however, each of us is always available to counsel students about anything at any time. The assigned counselor is mainly responsible for keeping track of graduation requirements and submitting schedules.

Congratulations to our graduates!

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