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Elementary, Middle & High School Resources by Batoul Baydoun

Interactive Standard Aligned Resources for Math

The Ck-12 Foundation provides math interactive resources for all ages. Teachers can create a free account to create classes and then assign tasks to students to practice a specific skill, and or standard. The site provides videos, practice and assessments for specific skills. The site offers digital practice with immediate feedback where students can access and learn math. The site provides various free learning resources. Even though most teachers and students have been familiar with Khan Academy and its wide range of free math lessons and practice, CK-12 offers an alternative option and style for learning and practicing math for all ages. Teachers can track students progress and check for understanding of skills. Videos could be assigned to clarify misconceptions or reteach a skill.

The photo below highlights some of the resources the site offers.

Illuminations NCTM is another great site for math activities and lessons for all grades. Through the site teachers can select a type of activity, lesson or interactive, to share with their students. Teachers can choose either the National Math Standards or The Common Core standards and then select a skill followed by grade, to navigate a wide selection of interactive math activities or lessons for the whole class. Illuminations does provide a unique login for students yet activities provide engaging ways for learning math skills.

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ABCYA for Practicing Math Skills

ABCYA is an educational games site for elementary students. The site offers elementary age students a wide variety of activities to practice various math skills in a fun yet very thoughtful design of digital and interactive games like activities. Learners can select a specific grade level and then choose one of multiple options to practice math, reading, writing and technology skills.
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