Mockingbird Speech Poster

By, Denise Martin

Atticus Finch uses pathos, ethos, pathos to try to save Tom Robinson of being sentenced to death. He uses logic to support his claim that Tom Robinson is an innocent man being wrongly accused. He uses emotion to make the jury and the judge feel bad for wrongly charging a man and giving him the death sentence. Lastly, he uses ethics. He tried to explain to everyone that Tom Robinson is a good, hard working man who would never do such a crime.
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"The State has not produced one iota of medical evidence that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place. It has relied instead upon the testimony of two witnesses whose evidence has not only been called into serious question on cross examination, but has been flatly contradicted by the defendant."
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"She is the victim of cruel poverty and ignorance. But, my pity does not extend so far as to her putting a man's life at stake, which she has done in an effort to get rid of her own guilt. Now I say "guilt," gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her. "
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"Now there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Mayella Ewell was beaten savagely by someone who led, almost exclusively, with his left [hand]. And Tom Robinson now sits before you, having taken "The Oath" with the only good hand he possesses -- his right"