Balance of Power


What is the size and population of Argentina?

Argentina has a total area of 1,068, 296 square miles. The population is approximately 41.28 million people.

How well educated and united is the population?

The Argentinian government has established public education so it is required for kids to attend primary and secondary schools. There are universities and institutes available for higher education. After the dictatorship was over thrown in the 1970s (which my grandma was a part of), the population has had a new burst of unity and find patriotic pride over things like the Argentinian soccer team that is competing in the 2014 World Cup.

How large and well equipped are it's armed forces?

Argentina has a defense budget in the top five of the world, above Britain. It's armed forces are fully committed to international peacekeeping under the mandates of the United Nations. They are closely tied to the Chilean military and have a treaty with the United States along with Israel and other related countries around the world. Argentina also started the White Helmets initiative for global relief efforts.

What are Argentina's physical features?

Argentina is a very big country. The borders stretch from snow topped mountains to sandy beaches. The Southern tip is very close to Antarctica and the eastern border contains the Pampas, a fertile lowland. You can literally go skiing and tanning on the beach in a day.

How productive is Argentina's economy?

From 1962 until 2012, Argentina GDP averaged 149.7 USD Billion reaching an all time high of 474.9 USD Billion in December of 2012 and a record low of 18.3 USD Billion in December of 1963. Argentina's economy is 0.77% of the world's economy but it is one of the largest economies in Latin America. Argentina's economy is one of the main producers of food because of agriculture and cattle breeding. Argentina is one of the largest exporters of beef in the world and the top world producer of sunflower crops, yerba mate, lemons, and soybean oil.