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Salient Features of Patek Philippe Watches

A wristwatch is one of the most amazing inventions of all times. If we go in history, we find that a number of different timekeeping devices were invented such as devices that measured the flow of water or sand. People also looked at the position of the sun to determine time. As the time passed by clocks were invented. Nowadays watches are worn not only to tell time but also as a symbol of status. Rich individuals wear watches because it is through these watches that people judge their position in society. Patek Philippe is a brand that offers classic watches to rich individuals. Although the price of this brand of watches is high, but its quality cannot be matched.

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 in Geneva by Antoine Norbert de Patek and his companion Francois Czapek. After some time, Francois left the partnership. Some years later, Jean Adrien Philippe joined Patek and in 1851 the name Patek Philippe was launched. From very beginning watches of this brand produced watches which are best in quality. The output was kept small .Usually 15,000 watches were produced in a year. Watches of this brand were worn mostly by women .These was considered as a part of their jewelry. It was during World War 1 that soldiers realized that it was difficult to see time by pocket watches as both of their hands were busy in war. So the needs for men’s wristwatch arouse. Watches of this brand can be categorized into three different types namely; Regular use watches, Special occasion Watches, Sports Watches.

Regular use watches use leather brand of different colors such as brown, black and gray. These watches can be used in daily lives as they are very comfortable.

Special Occasion Watches have metal chains and bracelets of silver and gold for them. These are worn for some special occasion such as marriage parties etc.

Sports watches are waterproof watches which are made of plastic. They come in a number of colors and sizes. They have some special feature such as a stopwatch. These are worn mostly by sportspersons.

Watches of this brand make more parts for a watch than any other company in the market. Patek Philippe uses best material, technology employed and movement used in the watch. The company employs craftsmen whose craftsmanship cannot be matched in the market. The company produces watches that can do things which no other brand in the market can do. First ever wristwatches have been round in shape, but as the technology advanced, many different shapes and sizes of watches came into existence. The company offers watches for every lifestyle and wardrobe. By wearing watches of this brand you can look stylish or simple any time of the day or night.