By: Abby,Alli,Tristan,and Diegen

Venus By:Abby

One big problem for humans on Venus would be the heat. No human could survive Venus's heat. No humans could survive Venus's high temperature. Any water on Venus would just boil away! Even if people could survive the hot, they would die of thirst. You could not be able to breath on Venus. There is no oxygen only toxic gases.

Imagine you found a way to survive the heat and toxic gases. Another problem would be the pressure. A spaceship on Venus's surface would crumple like a tin can. The pressure of Venus's atmosphere would crush you. An atmosphere is a blanket of gases that surrounds a planet or a moon. The atmosphere on Venus is much stronger than it is on Earth.

Saturn;By Diegen

How Saturn got it's rings?

Saturn' rings were formed when two of Saturn's moons crashed into each other and in time most of the remains started to orbit Saturn. Saturn has fifty-seven moons that we know of of the time.

Fun fact; if Saturn was where earth is Saturn's rings would reach over 1/3 of the way to the moon. Titan is Saturn's largest moon.Saturn is about ninety-five times bigger than earth. Saturn is about eight-hundred-ninety-.7-million miles from the sun.

Jupiter By:Alli

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Jupiter orbits the sun it also rotates on it's axis. Nobody knows whats inside of Jupiter. Scientists gather data that gives them some ideas whats inside of Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter has thunder storms just like earth but its giant storms makes earth biggest storms look tiny. One of the problem on Jupiter is the wind. Winds on Jupiter are much stronger then any winds on earth they blow in all different directions. It would take a spaceship more then a year to travel to Jupiter. Jupiter is mostly made up of gases. Some of the gases form a giant red circle called the great red spot. one Jupiter year is almost 12 earth years. It has short days just under 10 earth hours long.

Mars by: Tristan

Many astronomers think there once have been life on Mars.A space probe found empty riverbeds so there once might have been life on Mars.Lots of scientists say there is some clear liquid underground.that could be water but no one is really sure what it is yet.The mars rover found carbon dioxide.But the bad thing about trying to live on mars is that summers there are 20 degrees. So farmers would not be able to grow there crops. Maybe people would be able to live on mars but there is a big chance that they will not.

The Solar System Song