Bessica Raiche

By: Jelisa

All About Bessica Raiche

These are somethings about Bessica Raiche.People called her Bessie for short instead of calling her Bessica. She was born in 1875 and died in April 11 1932. These are some of her favorite actives she loved to do swimming and shooting. She was the first girl to fly a solo plane. Her fifth flight she crashed. She was the first women to ever crash a plane. When she had crashed she was fine.Bessica's first flight was in September 16 1910. These are somethings about Bessica Raiche.

Her Plane

Her and her husband decided to make a plane in New York. They build their plane pieces in their living room. They used to make it with bamboo and silk to make it lighter.They putted the plane pieces together in their backyard.When she tried to fly it the plane flew. Which means the plane had worked. After her and her husband made their own company called The French-American Aeroplane Company. Her and her husband's company made planes and one of the planes were her own idea of design.

Some Of Her Planes

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