An Early America

The Good and the Bad

Cross of Gold

William Jennings Bryan opposed the gold standard with his speech in favor of bi-bimetallism. I am proud that this enabled workers and farmers to earn more money.
An excerpt from William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech

Rockefeller's path to monopoly

Gave jobs to several people, but also bought out his competitors. I am proud and ashamed because while many people got jobs, the competitors also lost their jobs.
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Conditions of the working class

Young children worked in dangerous conditions. I am ashamed because children could die.
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Political machines

Served immigrants with living but also took money from people. I am proud and ashamed because while they helped immigrants, they also stole money from other people.
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City services

Made the city cleaner and helped people. I am proud because this made America a better place.
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Chinese Exclusion Act

Americans blamed the Chinese for economic losses and kicked them out for ten years. I am ashamed because the Chinese were targeted for their culture and looks.
The Chinese Exclusion Act

party politics

Focused on politics. I am ashamed because it didn't care about the citizens.
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city growth

The cities became bigger. I am proud because the cities offered more.
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population growth

More people were living in the city than ever before. I am proud because there would be more jobs.
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progressive presidents

Added the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth amendments. I am proud because these helped America.
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pure food and drug act

Halted the sale of contaminated foods and called for truth in labeling. I am proud because people won't get sick.
Roosvelt Pure Food and Drug Act


Wilderness preservation. I am proud because the environment needs to be clean.
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american/mexican war

After the American/Mexican War, America took land from Mexico. I am ashamed because America took what wasn't theirs.
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annexation of hawaii

The U.S. took over Hawaii and controlled everything that was owned by the Hawaiian government. I am ashamed because Hawaii was taken regardless of what the residents wanted.
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It is a belief that the Americans should spread peace to other countries. I am proud and ashamed because while they wish for a better world, their actions for peace could be aggresive.
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neutrality to war

President Wilson declared war in 1917 after the Lusitania sunk, the Sussex Pledge, and the Zimmerman Note. I am proud because America helped stop the war.
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America sold weapons to Britain and France despite being neutral. I am ashamed because this means that America was not neutral after all.
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Showed the enemies as devils to get soldiers to fight them. I am proud and ashamed because while Americans needed to fight the war, the enemies were seen as monsters when they were sons and fathers to families.
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