Ship Breaker

Bacigalupi, Paolo

Joshua Wimer




This book takes place in the futuristic time period on a beach on the Gulf Coast.


He is part of a working squad called the light crew in the ship breaking yards. Nailer is tall and skinny with scars and tattoos all over him. Everyone calls him lucky boy because he is basically the luckiest person in the world.


Richards is Nailers dad. he is always drunk or passed out on drugs. On more than one occasion Richard ahs tried to kill his only son for money.


Pima is Nailers best friend and work partner. She's very cunning and willing to do anything for anyone except Nailers dad. Pima is aggressive when she has to be but most of the time she is very kind.


Nita is a rich girl that Nailer found almost dead in a clipper ship. She's just as lucky as Nailer. here uncle is trying to capture her and sell her. Nita is also very cunning and knows her way around the beach. In Nailer's eyes Nita is very beautiful.


This book was about a man named Nailer. Nailer has a job in the ship breaking yards. On one occasion Nailer was stripping copper wire and fell into a giant pool of oil. He was sure that he was going to die until his partner sloth came. She told him that she was going to leave him there and come back later to sell all the oil. Nailer ended up finding a door and getting out and when he got out he told his boss what she did and she was kicked from the light crew. After that day Nailer had many different times when he escaped death. One night after he got out of the oil pool there was a giant storm. He had to drag his dad to safety because he was passed out on drugs. When the storm was over Nailer and his friend Pima went for a walk to see if they could find any food. They didn't find food but they found a clipper ship that was washed up on the shore. The two explored it and found gold and silver. As they were stripping the ship of its riches they found a girl that they thought was dead. Pima tried to cut the gold off the girls fingers and when the cold blade hit the girls skin her eyes flahed open. Nailer and Pima ended up saving the girl and camping by the boat. The next day they saw Nailers dad and a group of people coming towards them. They tried to run but it was no use. the three of them were captured. Nailers dad knew the girl was worth some money and he was going to sell her. Latter that night Nalier and Nita escaped and jumped on a train heading to New Orleans. At the end of the book they make it to New Orleans and when they get there Nailers dad is waiting foe them. There is a big war and Nailers ends up killing his father and getting a job for Nita's dad.

The Printz Award

Info On Paolo

Paolo was born on August 6, 1972. His full name is Paolo Tandini Bacigalupi. He writes science fiction and young adult novels. Paolo was nominated for the Hugo Nebula, Compton Crook, Theadore Sturgeon, and the Micheal L. Printz awards. Paolo won the Printz award in 2011. He has been nominated for award from 2005 until now. He has written 6 novels, 12 short stories, and 1 audiobook.