Personal Reflection


Greatest accomplishment of my Junior year

The greatest accomplishment of my Junior year was performing the leading role of Frederic in the musical Pirates of Penzance

Greatest accomplishment in Honors English

My greatest achievement this year in English was learning about American literature and developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of it. By reading books such as The Great Gatsby, Huck Finn, and Fahrenheit 451, my personal views on the culture and future of America have been deeply affected.

Favorite assignment of the year

The writing, singing, and filming of our satire project was my favorite assignment of the year. Writing the lyrics, singing it in a recording room, and filming the music video, no other project compared to the excitement and overall of fun of our satire project on country music.

Improvement for next year

Next year I hope to improve on reading more books. This year was hard to find time to read books, especially the one assigned for English class, so next year I plan to work on reading more classic books.