Remind Accessories

A simple way to remember your homework all day!

Forgetting Homework

My problem is that I'm always forgetting homework and I don't like it. I get stressed and I feel like I'm falling behind. When I rush to catch up, I feel like I haven't put enough effort or time into the assignment.

How it Works

When you receive a homework assignment, turn on the Remind Accessory by flipping the switch on the back of the charm you have color coded for that subject. This sends a current of electricity through the wires from the battery into the light and the light turns on. You can remember your homework with one easy glance at your Remind Accessory. Once you finish the assignment you can turn off the light by flipping the switch off.


This project has been fun throughout but there have been challenges. The most fun I had was during the building process. There were some very hard challenges but they were exciting to work around. When I came up with this idea, I exclaimed, "Mind. Blown."

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