Oskar Schindler a Hero!

Saved over 1000 lives in the Holocaust


Oskar Schindler moved to Krakow, Poland in October of 1939 because the Nazis were moving Jewish people out of their houses and making them sell their businesses. He bought a pot and pan business and payed the Nazis for Jewish workers. The factory was called Deutsche Emalwarenfabrik Oskar Schindler, which is translated to German Enamelware Oskar Schindler. It employed at least 1000 Jewish workers. Oskar Schindler bought the factory for his own benefit, but it became more once he began to see the horrors of Nazi Germany.

His New Factory

Schindler realized that Nazi Germany was cruel and morbid, and so he began to do something about it. He bought a new factory, to make artillery, but he never made one single working piece of artillery. He created what is now called Schindler's List, with the names of about 1,100 Jews. All of them were moved to his factory to work, where they were safe from execution. Oskar Schindler spent every dime he made with his previous factory to save his Jewish workers.