Meadowbrook Behavior Response Plan


At Meadowbrook School, we do things the...

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What is PBIS?

Meadowbrook is a PBIS (Postitive Behavior Intervention Supports) school. PBIS is a proactive, systematic approach that focuses on teaching and acknowledging positive behaviors. This approach will establish consistent school-wide behavioral expectations with the goal of creating a safe and positive environment. We are also focusing on decreasing negative behaviors so that students can reach social, emotional and academic success.

At Meadowbrook, we don't call this approach, "PBIS," but instead it is known as, "The Bulldog Way". The Bulldog Way school-wide behavioral expecations are:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Meadowbrook Behavior Committee Value Statements

We Value...

  • modeling responsible behavior and positive choices for students.
  • providing positive feedback for appropriate behaviors and good choices.
  • coaching each student to make positive choices.
  • communication with parents and students.
  • natural and logical consequences for inappropriate behavior in an age-appropriate time frame.

The Plan's Main Components

Build a Strong, Positive School-Wide and Classroom Community

The relationships among students and the relationships between teacher and students are the most important factors in developing a positive school climate. The students in a school and classroom need to trust that the teachers will support them and help them. Students also need to feel safe to share, work and learn with their classmates. Thus, students must develop relationships with one another and it is our job to foster those relationships.

School-Wide and Classroom Expectations

When students know and understand what the expectations are in any given setting they are bound to be more successful. Meadowbrook has developed a school-wide expectation matrix which students are taught and retaught throughout the school year. The school-wide matrix can be found on page 8 of this handbook. As you walk around our school you will also find posters of specific settings expectations. For example, outside of the bathroom is a poster stating what the expectations are for being safe, responsible and respectful in the bathroom.

Every teacher will also create a classroom matrix. Teachers will develop this matrix with students during the first few days of school as they teach the classroom procedures and expectations. When completed teachers will send the classroom expectations matrix home.

Acknowledgement System

When students have trouble with reading, we teach. When students don't know their multiplication tables, we teach. When students struggle with expected behaviors, The Bulldog Way gives us the tools to teach.

It has been researched that students are more likely to practice correct behaviors if they receive frequent and specific positive feedback. Over time, the goal is to reduce the frequency of tangible acknowledgements so that behavior becomes internalized.

Research has shown that verbal acknowledgement and encouragement should consistently be given at least five times more to every correction or reprimand.

How is Meadowbrook Acknowledging Our Students?

The Bulldog Way serves to excite and encourage students to make positive choices. Each student will have an acknowledgement, “Bulldog Way”, card and at any time students can earn a “Paw Point”. Points are given randomly to students for following The Bulldog Way expectations. Students can redeem their points for a variety of incentives from their Classroom Acknowledgement Menu. On the next page is an example of the Bulldog Way Card.

Students are earning Paw Points for following the Bulldog Way Expectations, Be Safe, Be Responsible, & Be Respectful. Each student has their own acknowledgement card and on each card a student can get as many as 30 points. Not only can students redeem these points for various rewards off their classroom menu, but once a student has earned 30 points their card gets put up on the school 10x10 bingo board. Once we have ten cards in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) we have bingo and those ten cards are the winners of a special acknowledgement.

Students are motivated to earn Paw Points, but at the same time are constantly reminded by staff that we need to “Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do,” and not because we want a point or a prize. The Bulldog Way is about focusing on the positives and the behaviors we want students to do and our acknowledgement card is a way to recognize students for all the good things they do here at school.

Communication of Behavior Problems

Responsibility Log

The Responsibility Log is utilized by all K-4 students and its purpose is to keep parents informed of when their child is having a difficult time following The Bulldog Way expectations. We want to avoid surprises if a student were to receive a minor. The log is the first step taken when students are having a difficult time following the expectations; however, depending on severity of behavior teachers may skip the log entry and go directly to a “Minor” or “Major.” The Responsibility Log is a way for students to think about and take responsibility for their actions by logging a specific offense and a way to communicate with parents about behavior issues and concerns at school.

Minor Level Referral Form

If a student continues to struggle with following the expectations even after re-teaching, modeling and/or given interventions a Minor Level Referral Form will be completed. This form will be stapled to the student’s Responsibility Log. When students receive a “minor” the staff member will also communicate the intervention that was administered due to the misbehavior. When a student receives their fifth Minor Referral in a month the referral then becomes a “Major Level Referral.”

Major Level Referral Form

Students will receive a Major Level Referral when the behavior is extreme and/or the student gets five minor referrals in a month. When a student receives a Major Referral they will be sent to the office to see Mrs. Zimmer who will then determine the action to take and contact parents.

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