Book Main Characters - Seer

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez


Christopher, was a blind man first introduced in the book the Gathering Blue. Seer comes for another village just like Matty. Seer is very wise and he has the ability to remember things and to hear very well. People who are blind or have any other disabilities tend to develop other senses which help them with their daily routines. Seer came from his previous village hurt and ill. He became blind because someone from his previous village gouge his eyes during a struggle during a plague. Seer also goes by the name the Blind Man. Seer developed a gift through the years like the ability to remember things very easily. He was also Matty’s guardian who lived with him and helped take care of the Blind Man. Seer was Kira's father and became a father-like figure to Matty.

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