Grade 3/4 Daily Mail

Dinner Talk for Parents

What we did this morning!

This morning Mr Campbell was in a Professional Development meeting learning about Kurswell (a programme that helps students type and organize their thoughts). Your students watched a movie and responded to the content and the themes that were present in the movie.

The Middle Block

After Recess

The Grade 4s went to French after we finished responding to the movie from the beginning of the day.

We looked at the EQAO reading we did yesterday on wooly Mammoths and took a large look at whether our answers were as good as they could be and how we could improve them. We talked bout 4 steps:

  1. Using part of the question in the answer
  2. Using the word because
  3. Giving details from the story that help us answer the question
  4. Making a connection to the reading from our own lives, a tv show or a movie

These are the 4 things that we decided would help us answer the question to the best of our ability.

We also did some free writing and some silent reading while we waited for everyone to get finished.

End of the day

After last recess we had music with Mrs Marlin. Then in the last part of the day we had a conversation about our reputation as a class and what we want that reputation to be. We came up with some very interesting ideas as to how we are going to start to improve our reputation as a class.

Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday.