jUNE 2018 E. Frank Bayer, LMS

Welcome to June, final countdown to summer, regents prep, exams, pressure, and then relaxation!

Relax before exams with mindfulness tips. Ask for support if you need it.

Forensic Science Fair in the Library: Congrats to all the Winners!!

Lead Forensic Science Teacher, Mrs. L. Bod, together with ISS Teacher, Ms. S. Wink and ENL Teacher Mr. G. Cordano, worked with their students to create a display of student work in the forensic field. Students researched different forensic cases and created visual presentations of their findings. Many students visited the fair and voted for their favorite presentations. Congratulations to : First prize winners: Natalie Sanchez Miranda for her Milk Carton presentation of the Etan Patz case and Alix Menjivar Llanos and Evelyn Alvarez Ramos for their Lizzie Borden presentation. Second place winners: Rubaiya Hassan, Ximena Mendez and Karlvin Danois for their presentation on Joan Benet Ramsey, and Kenia Delao and Jackeline Gallardo for the Lizzie Borden dollhouse and Jacqueline Gil for the John Wayne Gacy poster board. Third Place winners: Mariela Maldonado for the Green River Killer poster presesentation.

Learn more about forensics by exploring the books below.

Start a little kindness now. Make schools safe for everyone. It only starts with one. Find a new friend. Say hi to someone new. Call a friend instead of texting. Write a letter instead of an email. Everyone experiences a hard day sometimes. You can make their day better.

Summer is the TIme to Read.

Don't let the summer go by without reading at least 2 books. Did you know students who read over the summer improve their grades in the fall? Libraries give away gifts to those who read. Movie Theatres offer free movie tickets with a book report. Reading is fun.