By: Sarah Sowell


The capitol of Ukraine is Kiev. The Ukraine flag is yellow with blue in top, the yellow represents wheat and the blue represents the sky, mountains, and streams.


Ukraine is located in Europe. It is surrounded by Poland, Belarus, and Romania. Ukraine is made up of plains, mountains, and hills. Ukraine has a bunch of landmarks, a few are St Andrews Church, Museum of the history in Ukraine, and Golden Gate. The major body of water is the Black Sea. Ukraine citizens are in a divide between Russia.


Ukraine has a constitutional government. The citizens voted Petro Poroshenko has president. Laws for the citizens include: if you are born a Ukraine citizen, you are always a Ukraine citizen, if you are born in Ukraine you are automatically a Ukraine citizen.


Ukraine is a poor nation. Ukraine uses dollar bills. There main exports are ferrous and nonferrous metals, chemicals, fuel and petroleum products. There life expectancy is 69 years, therer te is 9.7, literacy is 99.7. Ukraine has a poor drinking supply, families are getting sick because they dont have enough water or they are drinking dirty water.


Citizens is Ukraine wear modern clothing. Citizens speak Ukrainian. Ukraine has popular holidays such as, New Years (January 1), Orthodox Christmas (January 7) Woman's Day (March 8) and Orthodox Easter (April 12). The most popular religion is Roman Catholic. Veggie Soup is very popular in Ukraine.


Ukraine is a very hot country in the Summer but a very cold country in the winter, in the winter it gets down to 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit). The average yearly rainfall is 42mm. The average temperature is 81 Fahrenheit. When it gets real hot in the summer people get more and more thirty which is a bad thing because they dont have a lot of water.


2004- Ukraine ignores protests from EU and Romania by opening canal in the Danube delta which will link with Black Sea, rejecting claims that it will cause environmental damage.

2006- Russia briefly cuts supply of gas for Ukrainian use in row over prices. Moscow says its reasons are purely economic but Kiev says they are political.

Compare & Contrast

United States is all kinds of religion, Ukraine on the other hand is mostly Roman Catholic. Ukraine citizens speaks Ukrainian, The U.S speaks mostly english but they also speak a bunch of others. Ukraine is a poor country but U.S is a rich country, the United Sates is not short on water supply but Ukraine is.