Benjamin' s Dangerous Experiment

Would he have died?

Benjamin Franklin a 40 year old scientist wanted proof that lightning has electricity.So he did this experiment by using metal, twine, silk, and a kite with a metal rod.Before he did it outside , he tried it in his lab.Then went outside and did it.He felt nervous also scared because he didn't what was gonna happened .Then he felt a spark from the key to his knuckles.It happened in a windy day day in 1752 when he was about to give because he wasn't getting a spark.Benjamin perform the experiment so that people know what was the experiment, also what he did. Benjamin Franklin son said "I think that is a queer kind of kite.His son was exited and nervous because they thought that it would not spark and it did work it had a spark. Thank goodness that he didn't do it in a lightning storm if not he would have been killed.