1 Year Anniversary !

Seers N Sayers

1 Year Anniversary Event!

January 18th 7pm

We are Celebrating Seers N Sayers 1 Year Anniversary!

Everyone Stop in and Show Your Support For the Store !! Its a Celebration!!

Guest Speakers, Music and a Vegan Pot Luck.

Guest Speaker: $5.00 For this Event and there will be Door Prizes.

I was given the name is Errin Graham Whitaker by my parents but have since been reborn as 'Guru Ras Baba Nu', 'Anhkenaten XV' and most recently 'Brother LightHeart'. I am a life coach/positive vibrational speaker/peace advocate/aspiring master teacher/spiritual counselor/healer/artist. My work began 4 years ago in 2012 however I was subconsciously called to the metaphysical life at the early age of 9 years old.

I specialize in "shadow work/enlightenment", "the manifestation of healing", "art therapy" and "environmental element awareness" (i.e. metaphysical stones/gem work, crystal healing, native sweat lodge ceremonies, connection to nature [vision questing/tree loving/receiving vibrations by walking on the earth barefoot, animal totems], etc.). My personal philosophy is: "..the journey begins within.." and on January 18th, I will be touching base on how an individual can do so. I shall be speaking on how 2016 is "The Year Of Water: Trusting & Going With The Flow". I plan to do a short group meditation and deliver some guidance on how we can practice THE ART OF SURRENDERING this year and beyond.

With Special Guests:

Robert Patterson II aka 'Dreaming Crow' (astrologer/dream worker)

Brandon Bondon (holistic living advisor/personal trainer/health specialist)

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Vegan PotLuck

Yes we will be having a Vegan Potluck as well ,Bring a Dish to Share with the Group 7pm

Music Will Be Played By Kristen Hall As well.