Buzzing Bolivia

Capital: Sucre

Background a Information

Bolivia is a land locked country located in central South America. Some major cities are Santa Cruz, the largest city, Cochabamba, and La Guardia. They have three official languages; Spanish, Aymara, and Quechua.
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Bolivia gained its independence in 1824. Before, it was controlled by Spain.


Bolivia is located in South America. It is landlocked and bordered by Brazil to the east, Peru and Chile to the west, and Paraguay and Argentina to the south. The totally area of Bolivia is 424,164 sq mi. The size of Bolivia is the equivalent to California and texans combined.

Political and Diplomacy information

Bolivia's type of government is a Republic and their leader is Evo Morales. Evo Morales has been president since 2006.

Economic and trade information

Bolivia's economic system is capitalism. Their currency is Bolivan Boliviano (BOB). They import; refined petroleum , cara, delivery trucks, and pesticides. They import these goods from Brazil, Chile, China, the U.S. , and Argentina. They export; natural gas, pertroleum gas, and zinc ore. They export their goods to Brazil, Argentina, U.S. , Peru, South Korea, China, Belgium, and Japan.

Tourist information

Bolivia has many diverse things to do and it remains very cultural and native, especially, the Bolivians. Most Bolivians are of native origin and have lots of interesting things to tell.