The Titans

By: Laura and Sara

Plot Summary

Gaea had six glorious boys and six sisters whom they took for their wives. When Gaea birthed again she had cyclopses which her husband, Uranus wasnt proud of. Gaea had more children that Uranus didnt like each child had fifty heads and a hundred strong arms. Uranus flung them into a deep, dark pit. Gaea asked Cronus to kill his father after he did so he became lord of the univerese. He did not set his monstuos brothers free. He soon married Rhea. Rhea had to give her children to Cronus to eat. When Rhea had Zeus she asked Moth Nature to help her protect Zeus from Cronus. Rhea got a piece of stone and wrapped it in baby clothes to disguise as ababy. Rhea gave Cronus the stone baby and Cronus fell for her trick and ate the baby. Rhea sent Zeus away in a cave on an island named Crete. Mother Nature sent spirites to make loud noises by banging their shields with theirs swords to drown out the baby sounds so Cronus wouldn't hear his child.


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  • Gaea- Mother of Earth
  • Beautiful, brown hair, long hair


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  • Cronus- leader of the Titans
  • Culy hair, strong


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  • Uranus- Father of the Sky
  • White/gray hair, muscular


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  • Zeus- ruler of the Olympian gods
  • White hair, carries lighting bolts


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  • Rhea- the Mother of Gods
  • Long hair, brown hair