The American System

Ivan Ramirez

What was the point of the American System?

The plan was meant to strengthen and unify America, and to propose a new form of federalism that was built to invigorate the national economy.

Key Points of the American System

  • The regimenting of high tariffs to protect fledgling American industries.
  • Federally supporting internal improvements in transportation
  • The creation of a strong banking system that would make loans available to business men.
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Nationalism Vs Sectionalism

Nationalism: Pride in ones own country; patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts

Sectionalism: Individual pride for one's own section of their country.

Sectionalism can be dangerous because it would cause a division between different parts of one's own country, which would lead to internal unrest and disagreements among the states.

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Who was Henry Clay?

Henry Clay (Born April 12, 1777) was both a senator and part of the house of representatives for the state of Kentucky. He was the leader of the Whig party, and ran for president five times during his life, but lost each and every time. Though, he was the secretary of state under president John Adams, and played a key role in the creation of the American System.