by paul langan


Shattered is apart of the bluford serious . Shattered is the sequel to Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan also. Shattered is the story of Darcy Wills who begins her junior year at Bluford High School. Eager to repair her relationship with her old boyfriend Hakeem, Darcy discovers that one of her biggest fears has come true. And worse: her closest friends and her family has been secretly lying to her. Darcy and her sister Jamee is faced with struggles, problems, fears, abandonment and feeling like they couldn't trust anybody because they feel like everybody is like against them. Mr. Wills was gone for like 4 years. While he was gone he was like a heavy drinker then some years or months later he came back into their life. While he is back he has trouble with looking for a job because they found out that Mrs Wills is pregnant and the doctor told her that she couldn't work much hours because it will hurt her and the baby if the job makes her tense and stressed out. Mrs Wills refuses to listen to her doctor, husband, and daughters about staying home because she said that they will not have enough money to afford the baby and everybody else so by the end of the book everyone work out all of their problems and came together and pitched in so that Mrs Wills can stay home.

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I chose this book because in this book it like talks mainly about my life in a way. it took different true scenarios that i faced in my life and put it in the book like i always wanted to and i feel like someone meaning the characters understand what its like to have your father leave the house at the age of 9 or 10 and have to move out the home that you have lived most of your life in from the age of 6 to 9 or 10 and having to going into public schools when you were use to homeschooling with no one in the class but you or dealing with bullies when you didn't know what a bully was until you had to find out from the first day when the bully bullied you. and what its like for someone feel like they can only communicate with her father and not her mother and her side of the family and when your the victim in this mess u feel like your being treated like the suspected

My Favorite Part/My Opinion

My favorite part was when Darcy spoke up and shared how she felt

I think it was cool and entertaining

Some Reasons I Liked This Book

I liked this book so much and the serious because not only do it talk mainly about my life in different books it takes different scenarios in real life and talks about how they work threw it.

OverAll/I Would Recommended

Overall i would rate this book including the rest of the series a 5 star because its just so great.

I would recommend this book for all preteens and teenagers and it can be for any young adult if they want to read it can even be for adults to because my aunt who is an adult is hooked on it

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Shattered by Paul Langan