Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass * The Hunting of the Snark

Lewis Carroll

Sara Brune

Main Characters


Is the main character played in this novel who finds herself in Wonderland, a world ruled by imagination. Alice is a prim and proper girl from a wealthy family. She is very polite, good mannered, responsible and curious. Alice is faced with rude characters in Wonderland where she is challenged about herself and how she reacts to world around her. Alice tries to use her good qualities of being very social and polite to try and get herself through Wonderland.

White Rabbit

Is the creature Alice first sees running past her with clothes on and a pocket watch in his hand. Alice follows the rabbit as he scurries down a Rabbit hole, and eventually ends up in Wonderland. Alice later comes in contact with the rabbit while she is finding her way through the puzzle of Wonderland, but is offended by the rabbit and treated rudely. At the end of the novel the white rabbit was the "judge" of the jury.

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The Queen of Hearts

Is the the Ruler of Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts is the heart of Wonderland that is feared by everybody. She has a powerful temper and threatens to have Alice executed.

Cheshire Cat

Is the character in the novel that is different than the others in Wonderland. The Cheshire cat is the calm cool character that know the strings of Wonderland. Alice runs into Cheshire quite a few times along her journey.

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The noel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland first takes place with Alice sitting on a river bank with her sister reading a book. When her curiosity takes priority, she follows a rabbit that leads her down a big hole. When she reaches the bottom of the hole Alice finds her way into the fantasy world of Wonderland. The Novel takes place in the colorful world of Wonderland and the different places she travels while in Wonderland.


Alice follows a rabbit down a dark hole that brings her to a new world. This novel starts out with Alice having to "drink" and "eat" something to help her shrink and fit through the door that enters into a garden. Once she enters into the garden of Wonderland she meets many new animals. She meets a mouse, caterpillar, pigeon, Cheshire Cat, a hare, duchess, Gryphon, and a turtle along her long journey. Each encounter with these different animals leads her to a different scenario where they have an argument or an unpleasant happening. She is visited by the Cheshire Cat numerous times asking her how she is doing, and giving her advice. Alice tries to understand the Caucus race, solve the Mad Hatter's riddle, and understand the Queen of Heart's croquet game, but can't. In every situation the ridddles and challenges presented to Alice have no purpose or answer. Alice continues to speaks very politely with every encounter and remembers her manners she has learned. Alice has to attend the trial of the Knave of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts, for the accusing of the Knave stealing the queens tarts. Alice is once again in contact with the white rabbit who is acting as the judge. Alice is asked to approach the stand as a witness and proclaims that the trial is nonsense and stands up for herself when the Queen orders her to be executed. At this point, Alice suddenly awakens to find herself asleep by her sister on the river bank.

Turning Point

The turning point in the novel of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is when Alice is at the trial and observes the animals talking nonsense and accusing each other of false things. When Alice is called to the stand, she has grown to a big height and knocks over tables and disrupts different animals. Alice doesn't care that the animals become upset with her and now has confidence in herself. She demands for the evidence to be read out loud where she states that this trial and given evidence is pure bogus and nonsense. The Queen of Hearts becomes upset and orders for Alice to be executed! Alice stands up and knocks over the playing cards running towards her causing her to wake up. This shows that Alice had finally solved the puzzle of Wonderland and had gained control of herself.


The outcome of this novel is Alice finally solving the puzzle of Wonderland. Alice was faced with her body growing uncontrollably and dealing with rude animals that had weird games and riddles for her that had no important meaning. Alice was caught up in her narrow way of thinking about the world, and struggled to deal with the chaos in Wonderland. Alice grew as a person and changed as a person throughout her journey. The trial shows that Alice had finally understood the world of Wonderland, and that it was just a meaningless game.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was a very interesting, well written novel. The genre of the novel was a fairy tale. This book was a well written challenging book for adults, but could also be a children's fiction book. I didn't feel overwhelmed when reading this book. I feel that it didn't have too many challenging words that confused me. Although there were many characters in this book that sometimes became overwhelming. I almost became stressed out by reading what Alice was faced with.

The theme of this novel is clearly showing that life is a messy puzzel that takes time to figure out. As we are children we are raised by our parents kept somewhat live a sheltered life in high school. Although once we graduate and enter into the real world we will have to learn how to survive with different people yanking on us from every direction and disagreeing with how we chose to live life.

Alice was faced with many scenarios that made no sense to her and couldn't find a solution to fix it. That represents life and how events happen that don't always make sense to us. You just have to keep moving forward.

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