girls do as well as boys

Abril Mata

Do you think that girls should do what boy's do?

In today's world, most people think girl's can't.Girl's can do boy's activites like play video games and soccer.Girl's can play video game , because they want to try just like boys do. There 90% girls play video games. But boys went they act crazy or stupid" went they talk his friends. Girl alway's give up and move on of thr next level. But they got crazy went the lose but sometimes". Girls get pink games in a gerly girl. Sometimes they do a boy color to make it cool. Boys leat them to change the rools, that girls is alout to play video games. Ones if a girl play with his best friend that is a boy, that change the rools. That okay for her/him . Girls can play video games.

A girl can play soccer!

A girl can play soccer or a girl can't play soccer?

YES' Let me tell you a story. ther's a girl named Elsa, she want to play socer. Elsa have a talent of soccer. She want to play soccer with the boy's . But the boy's don't want elsa play , because they going to heart her. So Elsa prove that she can play soccer.The boy's said, Elsa your good at soccer , I'm sorry , can you play wiht us. so Elsa and the boy's are playing soccer together. They changes the rool's that girls can play soccer.

The littel children will play soccer. To play good went they grow up to be good of soccer.The girls will play because they will be good players. Girls will be a better players and the boys two.

Middel school girls, Sometimes boys think that girls are not a good player.But they are wrong! Middel girls are good players, to be a soccer girl. At the age girl are small or tall , midiam. The hige school girls win two state to give ,middle to play soccer .