4th Grade Weekly Update

Mrs. Gray's Happy Campers

Week of September 19-23, 2016

My students truly lived up to the name of "Happy Campers" this week. Our shared Camp Tecumseh experience was one that will be remembered for a very long time. The campers were awesome! They learned, laughed, and had so much fun. One of the kids asked it we could go back next week. :)

A HUGE thank you to our 10 wonderful parents who chaperoned! They attended training sessions and taught in all of our 11 learning stations. We couldn't have done it without you!

Gray "GO-HOME" Folder Friday:

1. nothing came home this week.

PICTURES from Camp T (more to be uploaded and shared soon!)

Curriculum Corner

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Here's what the campers will be learning in the week ahead...

Math The unit 1 math test went very well! They'll be coming home in this Friday's "go-home" folders. We'll be launching into Unit 2: Multiplication and Geometry. We'll be starting by studying area and comparing different 2D shapes.

Writing We'll be writing writers notebook entries about our Camp T adventures and working on short instructional paragraphs about how to live like a pioneer. We'll be using these entries in our next unit: narrative accounts.

Language Wordly Wise Lesson 3 starts Monday. They'll be reviewing definitions and creating word PE "signs" to go with each meaning and using words in context. Lesson three words: approach, burrow, cease, destructive, drowsy, famished, forecast, hibernate, migrate, nestle, observe, prepare, reduce, severe, venture. The lesson 3 test will be 9/30.

Reading We will continue reading Little House on the Prairie this week in our eagerness to learn all things pioneer! We are learning to make and follow hunches as we read and collect evidence to support them. We are also reviewing the reading skills of predicting and questioning.

Indiana History Last week's Camp T adventure gave us some first hand learning on life for some of Indiana's first people. This week we'll use this knowledge to spring into our investigation into the native american tribes in the area and how they lived.

Science Back to our "Science Friday", we'll be learning how our Earth changes through landslides, erosion and deposition this week.