A happy New Year!



First of all the Newsletter Team wishes you a happy new year!

In this new year you have grosso modo 236,7123 seconds more to fulfill your wishes, so no excuses anymore that you don't have time!

Furthermore, we want to give you the following mathematical view on life the incentive to work on your competencies every single day:

'If a person improves him self every day a little bit, let say 1% a day he or she will succeed! If a person stands still every day his/hers capabilities will decrease by 1% a day. Although 1% seems negligible, the first person improved from 1 to (1,01)^366= 38,16 at the end of 2016. The other person declined from 1 to (0,99)^366= 0,025'

Enjoy Reading!

The Newsletter Team


Dear LC, Alumni and AIESEC in Austria,

Finally Christmas break is over and we can kick off the new year together! First of all I want to wish everyone a very happy and successful new year. I hope you could rest and were able to regain your energy, I for sure did and I'm ready to give 100% for the last couple of weeks of our term! Let's continue to rock this semester, every person, every team, every area, to give our very best and send our LC to the moon in this new year!

Yours, Sara


Happy New Year, my dear LC! I wish you very successful start in the new year! Let 2016 bring you new experiences, new challenges, and many, many unforgettable moments! Be curious, be eager for more and dare to achieve your dreams!

I wish you as well many amazing AIESEC moments, because I know that we will rock 2016! Looking forward to seeing all of you back in Vienna!

Your excited LCPe


Area related: In this year I want to have a successful Career Days Event with 12 companies and also support iGIP with effective B2B Marketing.

Personal wise: What I really would like to do is to find the balance between university and AIESEC.


Functional area wise I want to have more exchanges now as we have Global Entrepreneur, and I want a stronger area culture.

Personal wise I want to explore my limits and learn how to balance my life when it comes to uni and AIESEC and other Friends.


Regarding my functional area I want to raise the productivity of the LC and raise the team minimum fulfilment to 100%.

Regarding my personal life, I want to find a good balance between AIESEC and the rest of my life and to also pass all the exams I want to take in the coming months.


I would say that regarding marketing, I really want to give it a new spin and find some different ways to promote our sub products as well as adapting the promotion tactics we already use more to our student market.

Personally, I think my biggest challenge will be juggling my studies, my AIESEC work and my job because it all requires a lot of time and i will have to learn how to be very organized and try to keep my motivation up which I'm excited for.

I think this will be a fantastic year.


For me, 2015 is quite a hard year to beat on a personal level, so that's why I have a lot of goals in mind.

First of all, regarding my LCVP F&L term, I would like to create a budget where the others do have a say and that is structured to foster innovation. This means that I want to allocate funds for ingenious marketing campaigns, PR events and support a heavier focus on exchange. I would also like to be a support for the other EB members and contribute towards the new direction the LC is heading towards.

On a personal level, I have even more goals. Really important to mention are reaching a B2 level in Spanish, starting French and last, but not least, effectively juggling between studies and AIESEC, while also finding some time for my hobbies.

Because this requires quite some efforts, I consider 2016 to be the year of discipline. It is the year where I have to get way more structured and efficient in order to set the groundstone for an awesome, fruitful future.


The Quality Team wants to wish all the best of Luck to Attila Berky and Ágnes Győri for the Vice President Selection, furthermore congratulations and good luck to Bianca Tanase and Eduardo Popa for the Team Leaders applications.

And remember that the second round of TL application will open soon, so stay tuned.



New Years LCM + EP Welcome Party

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 7pm

2 Welthandelsplatz 1

Wien, Wien

Dear LC Vienna WU, dear EPs and friends,

On behalf of EB Endeavour we would like to invite you to the first LCM this year.
This is a very special LCM because it is the first one in 2016, and it will be the kick-off to a great new year! #newyearnewus (jk, we are all great the way we are)
Aaaand secondly because you will get to meet the EPs that arrived here for the GCDP project.
The LCM will start as usual at 7pm, so come to meet all our lovely members after the holiday break, exchange stories about your adventures and meet intreresting young people from all over the world.

Afterwards we will welcome our lovely EPs with a drink in the office, so we can get to know them better.

See you on all wednesday!

Sightseeing Tour in Vienna

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 11am

Volkstheater, Vienna, Austria

The IGCDP and Quality Team would like to invite you all to learn more about Vienna and at the same time meet the new EP's. Take this oppurtinity to learn more about the City, and if you already know the City well, please come along and share your most enjoyed locations.
11am Meeting Point at Volkstheater.


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