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The owners of IQLife have decided that all existing, active Brand Partners (a.k.a. First Inviters) be the sole source of introduction to this new social sharing platform, making the platform INVITATION ONLY. Furthermore, IQLife has decided that all paying affiliates will share in all revenues generated by this social sharing site. This is huge!

Currently, IQLife utilizes a proven 3x9 matrix driven compensation structure, which provides its Brand Partners with an incredible opportunity to make residual income and share in the company’s revenue. Once the platform goes live the compensation structure will change to a 3x15 matrix, which will enable Brand Partners to make a mind blowing earning potential. IQLife is positioning its Brand Partners to take advantage of this structure and work together to achieve the varying positions outlined in the compensation plan overview video and turn a modest $9.95 monthly subscription into a life-changing income stream.

You’re invited! A special invitation has been extended to you to become a First Inviter. This is an extraordinary opportunity to become a Brand Partner and grab your market share in the company’s revenue before iqkonnect goes live. Join now and get in on the ground floor before the millions that will join after you. Join Today! Go to and click Subscribe Now and Join Our Team for only $9.95 per month. Also, check out the First Inviters Joint Pledge,

“Facebook wouldn’t exist without all this personal information that people give for free…Now why don’t we charge them for this information? Why don’t people on Facebook start a movement…where they say that ‘we are gonna be paid for this personal information that you are making billions of dollars from’?’ - Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate

Our thoughts exactly, Mr. Nader! Join the Movement…iqkonnect…The Smarter Way to Connect.

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