Looking for job.

First come first serve

About me

My name is Christopher Perez.

Im a hardworking man that is looking for a reasonable long lasting job that will be able to pay bills and live off a good pay and I hope with my set skills I will be able to accomplish these goals.

Below is my contact information if interested in hiring me.

My skills

I am good at multiple things like, Woodcraft, business sales, money management, electronics, and networking administration. In all these skills I have lots of experience using them so I know what to expect from each of them.

What I im and what im not looking for.

I am looking for a long term job that require these skill, I will train for any job that is not in my skill set. The job must have fair pay and rankings such as , employer, manger, and supervisor ect.

What im not looking for:

Im not going to work for a grass cutting company so don't ask if I want an unskilled job.

Serious business only!