Ghost Girl

Brianna Cameron

Fabulous Death

Being just graduated, Charlotte is told that she and the other ghosts from "Dead Ed" need to work in a phone bank, where they will answer calls from troubled teenagers in need of advice, acting as the teens' consciences. Before starting, the other ghosts receive graduation presents, they are reunited with lost loved ones or dead celebrity idols, and receive large apartments. However, Charlotte does not meet her dead parents and must live in a cramped dormitory, and at work she is the only ghost not to receive calls. Feeling left out, she begins to ignore her old friends and spends all her time with Maddy, her dormitory roommate, oblivious to the fact that Maddy is ruining her attempts to succeed in her new life.

Meanwhile, Scarlet is feeling insecure about her long-distance relationship with Damen just as Petula, who is repeating her senior year, goes into a coma after a pedicure that went wrong. Feeling guilty, and jealous of Damen's sudden arrival to see Petula, Scarlet uses the possession ritual Charlotte taught her to send herself into a coma and seek out Charlotte's help to find Petula's soul. Instead, Scarlet joins the new Dead Ed class, who help her to move on using "Early Decision", a risky shortcut. Meanwhile, Petula finds another coma patient, Virginia Johnson, a young beauty pageant contestant who is scornful of Petula's fashion obsession, and wants to grow old normally. Gradually, the two begin to bond.

Scarlet arrives at Charlotte's dormitory, much to her delight, and they sneak out to find Petula, accompanied by Maddy. However, after a disagreement on the way changes the story, Charlotte and Maddy leave Scarlet on her own. However, Pam and Prue have come after Charlotte, and they meet up with Scarlet and help her to find Petula's soul by getting directions from Green Gary to the hospital intake office. Meanwhile, Damen is desperately trying to revive Scarlet, and he decides to take Petula to Homecoming in the hope of reanimating her, and therefore ending Scarlet's quest. Maddy and Charlotte follow as Maddy tries to convince Charlotte to possess Petula.

Will Charlotte follow through with doing a ritual? Read the book to find out! ;)


Charlotte is a fresh- out- of- highschool ghost. She died choking on a gummy bear in science class. she's a fabulous teen who just wants to fit in the crowd with all the other pretty girls in Dead Ed.


Scarlet is Petula's little sister and the only one who can see Charlotte as a ghost


The setting mostly takes place within the dormitory of Dead Ed, the hospital, and the phone bank

About the author

Tonya Hurling is a writer and a director of many novels and films. She is know for her most famous collection of the Ghost Girl novels. She lives in New York City with a husband and a daughter.