English Bulldogs

By:Arianna Kephart

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There are many types of dogs in this world. Each one has its own history and unique features. One breed in particular stands out from the rest. This breed has unique colors and markings, a face full of wrinkles, and the temperament that could make them your best friend. This breed is the English bulldog. While English bulldogs may be cute and friendly, they are not the most energetic and can have many health concerns. They also require a strict diet. So prepare to learn some information to help you understand the English bulldog breed better.

Color and Markings

English Bulldogs are medium size dogs. They have short legs and many wrinkles all over their body. They can be born in a variety of colors such as: fawn, white, grey, black, bronze, brindle and red.They also have various markings such as the black mask, which is sort of like a raccoon's marking around their eyes. Brindle is considered both a color and a marking because of how it is shown on some dogs. Standard colored bulldogs typically have fawn fur with black and white markings on their face and body.


English bulldogs are very sweet and loving dogs. They can sense when your sad, and they will always try to be a lap dog even if they don´t fit in your lap.They are calm and mellow dogs, but still have enough energy to play with kids. Most English Bulldogs are friendly, and they wouldn´t hurt a fly.


English bulldogs have very sensitive stomachs, which if switched from one food to a another could make them nauseous. They could also end up vomiting. It is best to stay away from some dog foods and treats that contain ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, chemical preservatives, dyes, corn, and soy because they could cause vomiting and illness. Some alternatives that you can use to keep your dog healthy are fruits and vegetables (fresh or frozen), raw eggs ,scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, grain free dog cookies, pumpkin and sweet potatoes (cubed or strained), small pieces of cheese, and pieces of cooked salmon.


Bulldogs have many health problems such as cardiac and respiratory disease, hip dyspepsia, and cherry eye.They are extremely likely to heat problems, can easily drown in swimming pools or any other deep areas of water.Also there brachycephalic causes them to have breathing problems which if it becomes a chronic problem a simple surgery can fix it.

Personal Experience: My English Bulldog Bella

I have many years of experience with English Bulldogs, because we have one as a family pet. She is a fawn (brown/tan) and white English bulldog named Bella. Her full name is Bella Marie Kephart. She is four years old, and we have had her since she was only 15 weeks. The story of how we got goes like this we had gotten a boxer bulldog mixed dog and we had her for 2 days and then my mom found out that she wasn't even part bull dog so they took her back which was upsetting but we got to get a new dog.We had all gone to the house of the person we would be buying her from and that was Jaidyn Orozco and her family.When we got there the first thing I saw was a cute little tiny dog and till this day I still love her.


In conclusion English Bulldogs are great animals and make amazing family pets. They can easily be your best friend and they have unique colors and markings. Everyoneś experience with English Bulldogs can be very different. You should always do your research before getting a dog,especially English bulldogs because of their health problems and dietary needs. For more information about English bulldogs visit the websites down below.


Brachycephalic:Short skull

Brindle:A mix of 2-3 colors


Chemical preservatives:a substance or a chemical that is added to food

Cherry Eye:Having something that looks like you have 3 eyelids

Chronic:A consistent period of time that you carry a disease

Hip dyspepsia:A partially or completely dislocated thigh bone

Respiratory Disease:pathological conditions affecting the organs and tissues

American Kennel Club

This is the main place where i got all of my info and they have so much more information on so many others breeds

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