Hot- Air Balloon.

Maya Joseph, Swathi, Ali

Question 1


x-rate of descending

y- altitude


f(x)= 800-20x

Question 2

*Table of values and graph of balloons altitude every 5 minutes*

Question 6

f(x)= 800-30x

The third balloon will land 13 1/3 minutes faster than the 1st balloon and, the third balloons descent is 10ft more, compared to the first balloon.

The relationship between the two lines is how they both ave the same y-intercept which is (0,800)

Question 7

f(x)= 30x

The first and fourth balloon will both have the same altitude at 16 minutes, and the altitude will be 480 ft.

Graphically this is showing the intercept between the to lines.

Question 8

The 3rd balloon would have to begin its descent at 1200ft to reach the ground at the same time as the 1st balloon.

f(x)= 1200-30x