Adolf hitler

Davis White

The train screeches to a halt. the thought of leaving one of Hitler's concentration camps alive was near to impossible. Adult Hitler was a ruthless dictator who ruled over Germany.

When Hitler was growing up in Austria he wanted to be a he thinks Christianity is one of the weakest religions of all. His father was a customs official. He also learned to hate Jews and slavs.

They year Hitler's mother died he decided to move the Veanna. He took The entry exam for the Academy of fine arts and failed. Knowing the year he once again I took the entry exam and failed once more.

One world war one started he moved to Munich and up for the German army.afterwords he had many near death experience is he was one just grazed in the shoulder by a German bullet.

After World War I he returned to Munich and joined a small nationalist group known as the German workers party.quickly rose through the ranks and became leader of the now known as Nazi party.

Derring a not see riot Hitler was arrested for treason. While imprisoned Hitler wrote mien kampf (my struggle). After he got out of jail he organized a private army known as storm troopers. Now I understand the entire plot of Star Wars.


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