Alexander the Great

One of the greatest military geniuses in history !!!

Impact made by Alexander the Great

Alexander impacted Ancient greece because he lead them into an invasion of the Persian empire. The greek soldiers rallied behind him as a leader, because he wanted to rule the world. He managed to capture the city of thebes, as a warning to the other greek cities of what he would do the rebels.

After defeating the Persians, he travelled south from Cilicia to Syria defeating all of the armies that came in their way.

After Alexander died, most of the armies dissolved but all of the cities that Alexander conquered lived a civilised life. This was how the Hellenistic era started and brought Alexander internal glory.

Impact made by the event

The conquering cities lived in a civilised manner. This marked history because it started a new time era, the Hellenistic period. This event had caused greek civilisations to form in the cities of Syria, Iran, Bactria and in Egypt.


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