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Maybury Campus Changes for Week of 5.17.2021

Hello Maybury Parents & Scholars and welcome to week 20 of 2021!

This SMORE is coming to you early this week as we have already identified a need to be 100% remote all next week. The Maybury campus will be closed and classes will be conducted online or scholars will complete packets. Our foremost concern will always be scholar safety and right now we are not operating at full staffing capacity which affects our ability to ensure every room is covered. We are still conducting OST testing and end of the year MAP (NWEA) testing so there will be scholars scheduled to come onsite and complete their tests. For scholars that no longer have a device, our building is open on Monday as of 9:00 am for you to stop by and pick a packet up for your scholar.

The virtual school day will run from 9:00-2:00 pm and all 100% virtual scholars K-4 should be logged on for their class sessions at 9:00 am as there will not be any 2:30-4:00 sessions. Your scholar's Hybrid teacher will communicate directly with you in regard to virtual lessons or packet completion. 100% virtual 5/6 Scholars should continue to follow their normal schedule with Mrs. Padilla for ELA and Mr. Wilburn for Math and Science.

5/6 Hybrid scholars ONLY: There is a packet available for pickup for all 5th & 6th grade hybrid scholars. The building will be open as of 9:00 am on Monday so please make arrangements to stop by and pick up their work packets for the week. As the scholars also still have devices, they will be expected to complete their assigned Exact Path assignments as well.

Please see the below testing schedule for our campus and ensure that you drop off and pick up your scholar during the scheduled window as there will be no transportation services provided next week. Scholars or our front office personnel will contact you once their testing session has finished. If your scholar is 100% virtual and you want them to come onsite to test, contact your scholar's teacher to get scheduled, otherwise they will complete their test remotely.

The Book Fair will continue to be held so you are able to send money and your scholar's wish list with your scholar when they come in to test. Once your hybrid scholar has completed all testing for the year, his/her Chromebook will be collected and a paper packet given for the remainder of the year. 100% virtual scholars will keep their devices until our device return window which is May 25th-27th.

OST and MAP Testing Schedule for the week of May 17th, 2021:

Scholars MUST bring their devices! Please charge them and ensure your scholar brings it to their testing session! The schedule below is for Hybrid scholars ONLY coming onsite to test. Please ensure that you send food with your scholar so that he/she can eat in between testing sessions. If the below days/time don't work or fit with your schedule, please contact your scholar's teacher to arrange for an alternate time.


9:00 am: 5th Grade OST for Science Part 1 and 2 (Mr. Wilburn's Room)

9:00am: 4th Grade (B) Day scholars ONLY: Math OST Part 1 and 2 (Mr. Wilburn's Room)

9:00 am: 4th Grade (A) Day scholars ONLY: MAP testing ELA & Math (Computer Lab)


9:00 am: 5th Grade: MAP testing Math (Mr. Wilburn's Room)

9:00 am: 4th Grade (A & B Day) Scholars MAP Reading & Math (Mr. Wilburn's Room)

9:00 am: 1st Grade MAP Reading & Math (Computer Lab)


9:00 am: 3rd Grade OST Math (Computer Lab)

9:00 am: 2nd Grade MAP Reading & Math (Computer Lab)


9:00 am: 3rd Grade MAP Reading & Math (Mr. Wilburn's Room)

9:00 am: Kindergarten MAP Reading & Math (Computer Lab)

9:00 am: 6th Grade MAP Math (Mr. Wilburn's Room)


9:00 am: Kinder MAP Reading & Math (Computer Lab)

Retention Information

As we wind down the school year, it is imperative that your scholar maintains attendance virtually and/or completes the assigned packets. Some scholar's are in danger of being retained due to excessive absenteeism and/or because of failing academically. We are offering a summer school program that is 5 weeks and the link for enrolling is below.

If your scholar has been flagged for attendance purposes this year and/or is failing academically, we will not automatically promote your scholar to the next grade. He/she must attend summer school, pass summer school, and demonstrate academic readiness per one last MAP assessment given at the end of summer school. If your scholar falls into one one of these listed categories, you will receive a possible retention letter no later than Monday, May, 17th, 2021.

Summer Learning Information and Enrollment

5 Week Summer Enrichment Program: June 21st - July 23rd (no program July 5th) Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM. The summer program is FREE for families, however space is limited so secure your spot today! Use the following link to register your child

School Calendar

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