Big Ideas in GT Ed.

From "Parenting Strategies..."

Encouraging Giftedness is about Nurturing Growth Mindset!

Rather than applauding talent, we ought to applaud effort and growth.

Encouraging Giftedness is about Fostering Self-Directed Learning

Sometimes, environments can only change so much. But we can help learners find meaning even in a limited environment if we acknowledge their individuality and their desire to grow.

Encouraging Giftedness is about Modeling an authentic desire to learn

2 Questions

1. So much of this article is about the parents' role in supporting their gifted learner--how will a lack of parent support affect a teacher's ability to nurture gifted learners?

2. What are the key signs that a learner is truly unmotivated because of lack of challenge as opposed to feeling overwhelmed?

1 Action: Applaud Effort!