shark project

Jackson Gerber

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First dorsal fin

Second dorsal fin

Caudal fin

Pelvic fin

Gill slits



Pectoral fin

Lateral line

organs and functions


Gallbladder stores bile for organism.

Heart pumps the blood to the rest of the body.

Kidney produces bile

Liver filters the blood in the body

Pancreas produces hormones

Small intestine absorbs minerals and nutrients

Large intestine absorbs water from the digested food

Stomach breaks down food and turns into chyme

Esophagus to carry foods and liquids to the stomach

Rectum disposes of waste

Claspers used for mating

Lateral line system of sense organs

Gills lets a fish breath


kingdom animal

phylum chordate

class chondrichthyes

order squaliformes

family squalidae

genus squalus

species acanthias


the spiny dogfish shark's lifespan is 25-100 years!!!! This shark has one of the longest lifespans of any animal.


spiny dog fish sharks can mainly be found in warm and cold temperate oceans